Image: Apple Buyers of the the latest iMac configuration may save $250 but will pay a price in forgone performance.
Photo: Apple Apple reckons iOS 8 is "the biggest release since the launch of the App Store." But what does someone who has been using Apple products…
Photo: Apple While some of the new or revised features announced for OS X Yosemite seem to be there just for the sake of consistency with iOS,…
Is yet another store the answer to dodgy Android apps? A US-based company thinks a heavily curated store can save consumers from mobile malware - but why should we trust it?
Twanker: a tool for cyber-tools? As if there weren't enough online opportunities to be nasty to your acquaintances, here comes Twanker.
Are home phones really on the way out? New research sheds light on the idea that home phones are becoming obsolete.
Dog bites man: Windows Store beats iOS, Android to 100K apps According to Microsoft, 100,000 Windows 8 apps reached the Windows Store in less time than it took for iOS or Android apps to reach the…
HP has a smartphone in the works Brave or what? An HP executive has revealed that the company has a smartphone under development.

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