.au direct registrations: a regrettable decision? The news that auDA has decided to go ahead with direct registrations in the .au namespace is disappointing, but not surprising.
Why iPhone SE makes sense Apple's decision to introduce the small-form-factor iPhone SE has been bagged in some quarters. But it makes sense.
Microsoft Store could be a bore More staff than customers spotted at the Microsoft Store in San Francisco.
Why I don't want direct .au registrations Moves are afoot to allow people and organisations to register second level domains (2LDs) in the .au space. Here's why I think it's a bad…
10% on current Uber prices would be a rort - but not by the taxman Uber will be dudding its customers if it raises prices by 10% just because fares are subject to GST.
Open second-level .au domains - cui bono? auDA, the body responsible for the management of the .au namespace, is considering allowing second-level domain registrations such as myname.au. Who would benefit?
Apple tipped $A slide Say what you like about Apple or the iPhone 6, the company seems to know what it's doing when it comes to predicting currency fluctuations.

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