Chinese PC maker Lenovo last week announced a 30 percent increase in net profit, and most market analysts have it level with HP as the…
You have zero privacy. Get over it. Is the concept of privacy dead in the digital age? It looks increasingly so.
Last week HP announced a record $9 billion quarterly loss. That’s about the amount generated by the Ethiopian economy (population 84 million) during the same…
There is a lot of rubbish being written about how tablets are supplanting laptops.
This week we have witnessed the unedifying spectacle of the government’s software pricing inquiry.
Last week I wrote about the victory of the end users.
The victory of the end users IT management would be so easy if we didn’t have to worry about end users.
What ever happened to Green IT? Over the past four years I have been tracking Green IT very closely.
It is sad to watch a company in its death throes. Especially one that once had such a dominant position.

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