Sony has announced it will focus its smartphone efforts on the premium mid-range and flagship arena where it can add unique Sony value. It is…
Eugene Kaspersky is one of the few cyber warriors to still run a company that bears his name. Long gone are pioneers and competitors like…
Monday, 22 May 2017 09:31

Etouches goes Loopd (interview)

Global conference and event management software company etouches has added Loopd real-time attendee tracking and engagement to its stable of event management software and solutions.
If you want a picture that's up to 120” 4K and HDR, then a projector system is usually the best option. Sony’s new VPL-VZ1000 ticks…
Unity is a game engine development platform used by many independent games developers for video games and simulations. It is cross-platform and one codebase supports…
World Password Day passed without a whimper or a minute’s silence contemplating the significance of 4 May – yes, it is also World Star Wars…
Some interesting things are happening in the mobile chip world with a potential to be even more disruptive than the Intel/AMD x86 battles of past…
Wednesday, 10 May 2017 09:57

It is so easy to hack public Wi-Fi

Over the past two weeks, I have encountered three fake public Wi-Fi SSIDs.
Tuesday, 09 May 2017 08:57

Windows 10 S – for Store

It has been revealed that the new lighter version of Windows 10 — S — that will be given to OEMs to help make lower-cost…
One of the best, Android phones in 2016 was the Moto Z with its Moto Mods range that could add a Hasselblad camera, Ingrid battery,…




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