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SPONSORED EDITORIAL Nancy Rademaker is a global thought-leader in digital transformation, and advises many businesses on how they can build their organisations to benefit from…
SPONSORED EDITORIAL CIOs have faced many different challenges over the past few decades, but cloud migration and digital transformation lend a whole new meaning to…
Thursday, 14 July 2011 13:34

Don't talk to me about end users!

SPONSORED EDITORIAL I'm fed up with 'end-users' - the term, that is. I simply don't believe they exist. Perhaps more accurately, I don't suppose they…
SPONSORED EDITORIAL In June, 2011 IDC published its Worldwide Business Intelligence Tools 2010 Vendor Shares report (available only to IDC clients or for purchase). This…
- Sponsored Editorial - Everywhere I travel, customers and partners are talking about mobile Business Intelligence. However, they have many questions about best practices for…
- Sponsored Editorial - A common notion is that when it comes to business intelligence, agility and governance are mutually exclusive. But this is a…
Monday, 13 June 2011 12:10

Tell me a story

- Sponsored Editorial - In the field of Business Intelligence we work daily with data and reports. However, like everyone else, what really sticks in…
- Sponsored Editorial - Self-service BI is simple to use so business people can perform tasks that in the past would have required assistance from…




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