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All those millions of people that rushed to download Firefox 3 got something they didn't expect - a critical security vulnerability. Some people smell a…
Mozilla was hoping for 5 million downloads of Firefox 3 on its first day, and then 7 million seemed possible but it has outdone outself…
Mozilla has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams, receiving more than its hoped for 5 million downloads of Firefox 3 in less than 14 hours. So…
The debut of Firefox 3 on Tuesday morning (US time) ran into a slight hitch, but it's now full steam ahead to establish a world…
Moves are afoot to take the Sugar user interface to a wider range of hardware than just the OLPC's XO for which it was originally…
Tuesday, 13 May 2008 02:02

ThinkFree thinks mobile UPDATED

ThinkFree,  an alternative to Microsoft's Office suite of applications has announced a ThinkFree Mobile  a new version that will allow users to read, write, edit…
The first supported release of the OpenSolaris operating system has arrived.
Timothy Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web—www, the code for the Internet—in March 1989 while working for a physics laboratory at CERN. On its 15th…
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 12:29

Firefox 2 turns 13

A new point release of Firefox, the popular web browser, plugs multiple security holes.
Microsoft has announced that it will - with a European partner - contribute to an open-source project for reading and writing Excel, Word, PowerPoint and…




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