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It has been a long time coming, so what will Google Android 1.5 AKA 'Cupcake' bring to the T-Mobile G1 party?
Exploit code attacking a security flaw in Firefox 3 has been made public. An update is expected next week.
Want some free, prizewinning games for your Mac? Check out the winners of the uDevGames contest.
Sun Microsystems and the University of Queensland have joined forces to produce the first ever Kernel Conference Australia in July this year. Speakers include luminaries…
Firefox 3.0.7, a new version of the leading open source browser, combines security and bug fixes with support for additional languages.
Friday, 12 December 2008 02:01

Google Chrome goes gold

Google's Chrome browser is no longer a beta product, but it is still only available for Windows.
Thursday, 11 December 2008 15:42

Chinese Linux hit by credit crunch

Linux has been doing pretty well in China, with recent year-on-year sales going through the roof. However, there can be no escaping the global economic…
Just as the world's economies started to tank, Australia's Governments got themselves into an economic bind by promising to supply public school children with laptops.…
'Open source' isn't usually the first phrase that comes to mind when you hear 'Microsoft' (unless you're one of those who believes open source is…
A UK company says its switch from Linux to Windows will save it £1 million (almost $A2.3 million). How does that work?



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