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Google supports diversity. But only when it suits

Over the last week or so, Google has been in the news after one of its employees, James Damore, wrote a screed on diversity which did not exactly gell with the company's politically correct views.

After Damore's thoughts leaked and became fodder for many publications to chew over, the man lost his job.

In catering to the narrative that is in vogue, Google spreads the myth that it is devoted to diversity.

But this does not apply when it comes to other things. Like, for instance political views. Else, why has Google blocked every one of the top search terms for the world socialist website?

This site only provides an alternative view of politics. Diversity. Which Google claims to support.

Why are the censors at Google's YouTube removing videos that were used as part of the trial of former US soldier Chelsea Manning, videos that show US military strikes in Iraq?

Once again, this provides an alternative view of what is fed to the public through the political classes in Washington. Why is a company that claims to be so passionately devoted to diversity blocking other views?

Why does Google seek to reduce the traffic to websites like Counterpunch which warn American workers of the ongoing effort to further attack their incomes, social services, and life conditions by the US federal government, and which seek to warn against the impending warfare between US-led NATO and other forces against countries like Iran, Russia, and China, which have in no way threatened the US?

According to Counterpunch, sites like Democracy Now, American Civil liberties Union, and Wikileaks are among those which have seen their returns from Google searches fall dramatically.

There's also the move to make all online ads conform to some Google standard and block ads that Google deems unsuitable. Of course, this does not include Google's own ads. These are carefully protected so its own revenue does not suffer.

Google also pays the popular ad blocker AdBlock Plus to make sure its own ads aren’t blocked.

Diversity? Sure, but only when it suits the men who run Google.


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