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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 13:34

Motorola revamps its Australian Public Safety Innovation Centre

Motorola Innovation Centre Motorola Innovation Centre

Motorola has cut the ribbon on its revamped Australian Public Safety Innovation Centre, with a demonstration of a simulated real life crime event involving masked gunmen. 

The control centre shares a mix of broadband technologies amongst multiple agencies to create an informed picture of any incident for all involved—seamlessly connecting PCs and mobile devices with radios and telephony.

It can send annotated live maps to personnel in the field, perform historical record searches on buildings and even identify outlaw gangs operating in the vicinity.

Damien Batey, Head of Communicaitons, Motorola Solutions said, “Motorola’s revamped Australian Public Safety Innovation Centre demonstrates how the right intelligence distributed to the right user at the right time helps to create a better informed, more responsive and more innovative approach to public safety and emergency management.

“Motorola opened the first iteration of its innovation centre in 2012, when it was a different business, with a completely different customer base and focus,” he said.

“Since then, the company transitioned in 2014, sold off a third of its business and bought its focus back to a fundamental core—to develop mission-critical solutions for public safety and heavy industry customers.

“The old centre has been completely gutted and recreated. Not only has our business changed but technology has moved on at a rampant rate,” which the scenario, based on practical real life event that could happen any day, was designed to demonstrate.

“The technologies we displayed and the solutions we showed were very real and in operation around Australia today by police, fire and ambulance services. They demonstrated the incredible maturity of the Australian public safety customer landscape.”

The new centre officially opened by the Victorian Innovation Minister, Phillip Dalidakis yesterday has been has been completely refitted with “really large” video screens to show live threats and a ‘police car of the future’, fitted out with the latest technology including the ability to broadcast high resolution video back to the centre.

There are onscreen demonstrations of the latest software applications such as, Public Engines Tipsoff, which collects and manages anonymous tips and evidence from citizens through the web, SMS text or mobile applications.

Batey said that the same technologies that were unveiled yesterday also make sense to be used by the minerals and energies industry, with their need to keep employees safe on the work site.

These technologies are not just innovation ideas of the future. A couple of months ago Motorola signed a major deal with Western Australia Police to roll out a complete upgrade of its a computer aided dispatch system (the 000 call centre). In the State of Victoria, it signed a two-year contract to update and transform the state’s ambulance and police agencies into an ubiquitous state-wide broadband solution. And it’s also an active participant in the Productivity Commissions current review on the best way to deliver a public safety mobile broadband capability by 2020.

Batey said, “There’s never been a more complex and challenging time in the arena of public safety and we look forward to welcoming as many different industry partners and our customers to come and work on these challenges in this new centre together.”


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