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VIDEO: Interview with John Uppendahl - the unparalleled Parallels Access 2.5 Featured


If you have a PC or Mac and want awesome remote access to your desktop app from iOS or Android tablets, check out Parallels Access 2.5!

Although you can use the free Teamviewer software to get remote access to your PC or Mac from your iOS or Android device, or another PC or Mac, Parallels has another way.

Yes, it’s paid software that costs $24.99 in Australia per year, ($19.99 in the US) - with a special discount for two years - but you’re able to turn any desktop app into a tablet app you access remotely through Parallels’ excellent interface that makes controlling a mouse interface with your finger incredibly easy.

iTWire colleague Stephen Withers has all the details on how the app works in his very recent article entitled ‘Parallels Access 2.5: Samsung specials and more’ which you should read for more information.

However, I was invited to meet with Parallels’ VP of Communications, John Uppendahl, visiting from Parallels HQ in the US to meet with Australian technology journalists, and, as usual, I took the opportunity of filming a video for you. 

That video can be seen in full here:

Over the weekend, I’ve had a chance to play with Parallels Access 2.5, controlling a Windows 8.1 installation on a desktop PC with the Parallels Access 2.5 app loaded onto an iPad Air from various locations, and it works exactly as advertised.

As with the earliest version of Parallels Access, you get the specially crafted magnifying glass pointer control that is so much more than just Apple’s own magnifier, giving you fingertip precision over the mouse cursor that works incredibly well.

It’s so damn good I wonder why Microsoft doesn’t just buy Parallels - they’re completely mad not to have done so a long, long time ago, but given that Microsoft might stuff it up somehow, I’m just happy Parallels is an independent company delivering brilliantly top quality software.

The Parallels Access 2.5 interface is undeniably excellent - you really do get the full benefits of the tablet environment with all the benefits of your desktop operating system, be it PC or Mac. You really can turn that desktop app with no tablet equivalent (or at least, with no tablet equivalent offering full desktop power) into a tablet app that you can use and effortlessly control on-the-go.

You also get great features like a finger friendly browser, excellent audio support, the ability to blank the desktop as you're using it remotely and plenty more as discussed in the video above - even full voice dictation capabilities. 

When you’re on the same network, all control is handled over the local network too, making for a super fast experience, but when you’re out and about, you get excellent performance, too. 

Naturally it will depend on your bandwidth, but as you’ll see in the video, we were controlling computers that were in the US and the performance was definitely there.

If you need access to your Mac or PC while on the go using your tablet, Parallels Access 2.5 may well be a paid solution but it’s much better than using Teamviewer.

You can access your PC or Mac from an unlimited number of devices - you can even access your PC or Mac from another PC or Mac - it doesn't have to be from an iOS or Android tablet, giving you the ultimate in remote access flexibility. 

And, as Uppendahl states in the video, you can go to the Parallels Access website to get yourself a free two-week trial so you can see for yourself exactly how it compares to other remote access solutions you might or might not already be using.

You'll also see several videos there showing just how easy it is to use of all the Parallels Access 2.5 features. 

And, as a yearly subscription, you’ll automatically be updated to newer versions of Parallels Access as they arrive, ensuring you’ll always have the latest and greatest features and benefits this software offers. 

So … if you wish your tablet could have all the features of the desktop or notebook computer you’re leaving back at home or in the office, but with all the simplicity of using the finger-driven tablet interface, you really must check out both Parallels Access, Stephen Withers’ story and the video with John Uppendahl so you can see for yourself!

You may well find that it really is ... unparalleled. 



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