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LG investigates the battery blues: Battery Anxiety


LG has studied the "symptoms and effects of drained battery power on smartphone owners" and has dubbed this "harmful condition" as "battery anxiety".

Worries over low battery woes are having a direct impact on "everyday life", according to a new study from the South Korean tech titan

The study was conducted in the US, based on an online survey of 2000 adult smartphone users earlier this year, and shows that "more than 30% of smartphone users rock up late for important meetings, a friend’s party, or even a date because of low battery and the constant need to charge".

Apparently, this proves that "the life of a smartphone is more important than time with colleagues, friends or loved ones", but as our closest digital assistant, confidant, entertainment device, communications platform, digital memory aid and more, I doubt that anyone is particularly surprised by the findings!

LG says "this new phenomenon also sees smartphone owners charging their phones at all cost, whether it's by popping into a pub, restaurant, or even asking a stranger on the street for a charger – all to get a little bit of extra juice."

My own mini take on is that we’ve see a dramatic rise in the uptake over portable battery packs over the years, simply so that the battery blues can be banished, especially given that many modern smartphones simply don’t allow the inner easy replacement of batteries with a freshly charged battery – which also helps to avoid carrying around batteries with potentially exposed contacts.

Indeed, LG notes that "smartphone users are even at serious risk of jeopardising their relationships, with more than 20% claiming that their lack of battery leading to unanswered texts to loved ones caused serious arguments".

Naturally, LG takes this opportunity to remind us that its flagship smartphone, the twin-camera enabled LG G5, has a solution to the battery problem, not only in having an easily replaceable internal battery, but also a dual-function battery charging kit. This lets you safely charge and store an external battery and also use that battery, in its nifty charger, as an external battery pack with USB output to charge other USB-powered devices.

As you’d expect, LG describes its removable battery option as meaning that you no longer need to keep "a plethora of phone chargers at home, office or car – which nearly half of respondents claim to do".

While external battery packs from 1000 mAh through to 10,000 mAh and beyond are readily and widely available from all manner of stores, right down to convenience stores and petrol stations, LG’s nifty battery pack and LG G5 removable battery charger (which includes a spare LG G5 battery) is available at Telstra stores for $69.95.

Gino Casha, general manager for LG Mobile Australia and NZ, commented: “We care about our customers, and don’t want them to suffer from low battery anxiety on their LG G5 smartphone. Especially with a high number of people playing games on mobile phones, draining battery, it’s imperative we make re-charging easy for LG G5 users.”

LG has included some additional information, part of which is reprinted here, and the rest is included as infographics embedded below.

  • 71% of smartphone users don’t like to lend someone their back-up charger or battery, because they fear not having it available when they need it.
  • 62% of millennials (aged 18-29), will take a break from being on Instagram, logging into Twitter or updating their status on Facebook if it means they will get a few extra hours of battery life on their smartphone.
  • 86% recharge their battery one to thrice per day, and eight in ten (80%) charge up before they leave their home, regardless of whether they need it or not.
  • Furthermore, 28% say they keep their smartphone charging the majority of the day.
  • 68% have used someone else’s phone to make a call or send a text while theirs was dead.
  • Nearly nine in ten smartphone users (88%) initiate percentile measures to prolong their smartphone’s battery life.
  • 41% of smartphone users admit to having three or more chargers.
  • 32% of smartphone users will even “drop everything” and make a u-turn back home to charge their phone (haven’t they heard of car chargers?)
  • 61% of millennials (aged 18-29) will turn off their smartphones, and half will refrain from taking photos in hopes of prolonging battery life.
  • When it comes to choosing between hitting the gym or charging their smartphone, smartphone users will contemplate whether to ditch their spin class for a front row seat at a power outlet – one in three people are likely to skip the gym.

LG Battery anxiety

LG Battery 2


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