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Navigating the Mobility Maze with Android

By Zebra


With the revolution in workforce mobility, the idea of having a single workplace is rapidly disappearing. Today, more and more workers have not just one workplace, but many. To match this flexibility, workers need tools that are familiar and simple to operate – enter Android.

Android is transforming the workplace, from the factory floor and warehouse, to the healthcare centre and the fashion boutique. Its popularity for business comes from the increasing number of enterprise-friendly work features. From the separation of personal and business data, there is more use of smart information resulting from machine learning and artificial intelligence. A diverse range of devices are supported by a powerful ecosystem of apps purpose-built to improve workforce processes and productivity.

But how do you make your mobile workforce even more efficient, agile and productive?

The answer is Zebra for Android. It takes workforce mobility to another level, with a definitive suite of mobile computers that work in any environment, however tough. Add to that Zebra’s power suite of mobility software and you have the ideal route to an enterprise-class, Android powered workforce.

Navigate the mobility maze with the following 10 reasons to choose Android.

1.    Application and environment – Built for the business environment and won’t fail in the face of drops, spills, extreme temperatures, or dust and dirt.

2.    Data capture - Speed and accuracy to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, even when damaged or distorted by shrink-wrap

3.    Power needs – Power management capabilities within Android can enable longer battery life and fewer charges.

4.    Training and ease of use – The more familiar the operating system, the faster users will get to know the capabilities of the device requiring less user training.

5.    Security – Mobility extensions transform Android from a consumer operating system to a true enterprise-class OS with a series of additional features and options that improve security and device            management.

6.    Connectivity and quality – Power and features required to maintain connectivity and high-quality application performance.

7.    Manageability, control and support – The ability to centrally and remotely manage devices simplifies upgrades and troubleshooting, easing the burden on IT teams.

8.    Support and repair – Fast, expert device and infrastructure repair service applies this enterprise level of continuity to the Android platform.

9.    Lifecycle management – Android provides a clear roadmap, future-proofing your mobile strategy against device churn.

10.  Total cost of ownership – The true costs of mobility go far beyond just the device’s initial purchase price, but standardising Android eliminates much of the complexity of  running a fleet of mobile              devices.

To learn more about how to give your workforce mobile super powers, click here.


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