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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – looks like an S8 Plus with S Pen

Noted leaker, Evan Blass @EVLEAKS has revealed details disclosed to him by “someone who was briefed on the Galaxy Note 8”. The only difference appears to be a 6.3” 18.5:9 screen over the GS8 Plus 6.2”, possibly a dual camera, and of course the distinguishing feature the S Pen.

And that is exactly what the “note” market is waiting for – a svelte, thin, device that does everything the GS8 Plus does – plus adds S Pen support.

Of course, these leaks will ignite a flood of comment and useless reminiscences of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 with the now famous in-built cigarette lighter.

It will continue to use the Samsung Exynos 8895 for most markets and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in selected markets – the former has proven to have a performance edge over the latter. It will have 6GB LPDDR4 (a special low power VNAND) and the base model will be 64GB with a 256GB option – the latter is not really needed as it retains the microSD slot.

It is strongly rumoured to have a dual camera – twin, horizontal independent 12MP, OIS, lenses. This is more akin to the LG G6 style of standard and wide-angle lenses rather than the Huawei Leica 12/20MP RGB/mono setup. This will give the camera a greater light gathering capacity, sense of depth, and the ability to gauge distance.

S Pen, already excellent on the Note 7 for its pen-on-paper experience, has been beefed up with tilt, more pressure levels and more creating tools. It is said to be able to do full sentence writing to text conversion and translation – n’est pas.

There is a question of whether the S Pen pushes out the 3.5mm audio jack. The 18.5:9 screen is a little wider so the 3.5mm jack lives on.

Other than that, it does everything the GS8+ does including DeX compatibility (desktop dock), Bixby (digital assistant) and of course VR using its QHD screen.

The battery will be 3300mAh, but given the low power RAM, storage and the energy efficient processor and screen this will give a longer battery use.

Blass says however that all this is going to cost. He says €999 is the asking price which makes it $1475 plus GST here (probably $1599). By comparison, Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone 8 Plus is rumoured to cost even more. Launch date is expected to be 26 August which makes sense to try and take some oxygen from the next launch – Apple’s iPhone 8.

The Note series is for people who want to take, well notes. But a pen does not a writing implement make. It and the Samsung Note app are the co-stars.

  • additional pen styles (fountain, calligraphy, ballpoint, pencil, highlighter, marker);
  • brushes (watercolour, oil, calligraphy, crayon, airbrush);
  • text with spell check, checkboxes, bullet points, bold, italic, underline;
  • a range of primary as well as a complete sRGB range of colours;
  • write on lock screen when the phone is off;
  • annotation on photos and web pages;
  • translation;
  • magnification;
  • animated GIF making;
  • voice recording (and note taking);
  • hover commands;
  • glance (minimise one note while working on another) – cut and paste; and
  • more including social media sharing.

SS GN8 S Pen

You can read more on S Pen here – note it has not been updated for the GN8.

Note that the photo below is of questionable authenticity, especially as it shows a vertical camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 poster


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