Never trust the Apple army of iPhone reviewers Featured

There was once a time when Apple the company and I were the best of friends. Each year I would get invited to the Apple Christmas lunch for journalists.  I even got invited to attend the launch of the iPhone in San Francisco in 2007 and play with Steve Jobs’ personal iPhone for five minutes! Then one day it all changed.


Govt pledge to put all services online by 2025 Featured

The Federal Government has said it would make all services with which citizens have to interact accessible online by 2025, according to a Digital Transformation Strategy released by Human Services and Digital Transformation Minister Michael Keenan on Wednesday.


Electricity prices under scrutiny by competition watchdog Featured

Australia’s competition watchdog, the ACCC, is to undertake a new inquiry into the supply of electricity in the national electricity market, with a focus on the prices consumers – both business and households - are paying for electricity and the underlying factors for any significant price movements.


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