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Can developers work effectively in open plan offices? For the first quarter-century of Microsoft's existence, Bill Gates famously championed the idea of giving developers private offices. The idea is that reducing distractions encourages…
New role and title needed for IT top dogs? News from the 'dog bites man' department: a survey found CIOs want more access to their CEOs.
Business is about the change forever – or it should! Buying goods or services is about to change to the ‘subscription economy’ model. The problem is that traditional accounting, tax and management beliefs are yet…
SAP user group opens up to non-IT senior executives The SAP Australian User Group (SAUG) has formed an Executive Council, extending the scope of membership to include non-IT management.
Cloud is changing the CIO's role The adoption of cloud technologies is redefining the role of the CIO, according to CA Technologies executives.
Changing role of the CIO The adoption of cloud technologies will redefine the role of the CIO, according to CA Technologies' top executive.
In addition to the 4000 previously announced, Google plans to shed another 1200 jobs at Motorola.
Yahoo! CEO attempts to instil togetherness by ending teleworking The sad story of the once great Internet company Yahoo! just got sadder for some after a leaked internal memo revealed that current CEO Marissa…

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