6G Communications needs graphene. 6G will initially launch at a few hundred GHz where several diode and transistor technologies are available in the laboratory but…
Many senior customers have stayed loyal to Telstra, but some complain they are being oversold products they don't want or need.
The Tas Bull Seafarers Foundation is providing internet connectivity to international seafarers entering Australian ports.
More than 600 technicians employed by the NBN Co, the company rolling out Australia's national broadband network, will walk off the job on Wednesday as…
With TPG Telecom, Optus and prepaid the most impacted, the total number of services has dropped 1.7% from 2019 levels thanks to the pandemic.
Designed to enable trusted exchanges and monetisation of data via private blockchain, Nokia says this development accelerates initiatives in AI and machine learning through federated…
The fight for 5G supremacy continues apace, with Samsung and Ericsson joining forces with an agreement that includes global patent cross license of cellular technologies,…
Since COVID-19 restrictions were introduced in March last year, more online Australians have increased their use of telehealth consultations and video conferencing/calling.
If you need lots of mobile data because your wired NBN isn't fast enough, isn't available or there are other issues, then Telstra now offers…




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