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Samsung adds more value to the Gear S3 and S Health

Samsung has released a value pack update to the Gear S3 with enhancements that increase the device’s utility and streamline users’ access to the information. S Health has a new user interface and more functionality.

S Health has received many UI enhancements and went from version 1.0 to version 5.6.x in just over two years. It is a comprehensive fitness management, workout, and health tracking apps.

Functionality of the S3 now exceeds any other smartwatch/fitness tracker including GPS, on-screen maps, widgets, apps, and the ability to take and make calls on the watch and use S Voice commands. In normal use (sans GPS) the Gear S3 lasts up to three days between wireless charging.

Many of the updates will also flow to the Gear S2.


When viewing workout results, users will be informed of how much time they spent in each heart rate zone via simple, colour-classified graphs, and will also be kept abreast of their daily heart rate range. In addition, a newly added streamlined Stretching guide is activated after 50 minutes of inactivity and uses a counting sound to guide users through the activity.

S3 update workout

More automatic features

Other enhancements include the ability to auto-locate and record approximate location for auto-detected running or walking, as well as sync pace-setter running targets from the Samsung Health app on your phone with the Gear S3.

The Reminder app now allows you to add specific dates for reminders delivered via S Voice e.g. a voice command such as “Remind me to work out at 7.00 pm this Sunday” will produce the alert on the day. Reminders can be easily edited.

 S3 update auto


There is more control over the device’s display. After activating “Direct access” in the Accessibility menu, users will be able to enable new, readability-focused screen options including Dark screen, Greyscale and Negative colours. S Voice can also read commands.


The “Find my Gear” function has been updated to display a user’s email or phone number in the event it is lost and offers remote automatic locking.

The Altimeter/barometer now has an automatic detect and calibration option.

Stopwatch has been increased to three hours.

The music widget is now part of most optional watch faces to take advantage of the S3 onboard memory and use of Bluetooth headphones.


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