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VIDEOS: D-Link has home Wi-Fi covered with Covr Seamless Wi-Fi mesh network


If you're sick of a mish-mash of Wi-Fi routers and extenders in your home not properly giving you whole-house Wi-Fi, then D-Link's new Covr Seamless Wi-Fi mesh networking system promises "seamless coverage to the furthest reaches of any home".

D-Link's next-gen Covr Seamless Wi-Fi System (COVR-C1203) has finally landed in Australia.

The company bills it as "an elegant, intelligent solution that provides an MU-MIMO wireless mesh network for ultra-fast speeds and seamless coverage to the furthest reaches of any home", even taking "class-leading design" into account "to enable it to blend into any décor".

Of course, that's not all, with Covr also offering "Smart Roaming for seamless connections, as well as Smart Steering to guide devices to the optimum wireless band".

D-Link ANZ managing director Graeme Reardon said, “If you want seamless Wi-Fi all around your home, then look no further than Covr. Easy to install, yet brimming with smarts inside, this clever solution gives users a Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) mesh networking solution, making streaming on multiple devices all around the home a breeze.”

Covr "blankets your home with MU-MIMO Wireless AC speeds of 'up to 1200 Mbps with its 2x3 internal antenna configuration for maximised range and connectivity", and in doing so, delivers "seamless coverage for up to 465 square metres via its pre-paired three Covr points as well as two onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports per unit for wired connectivity where needed".

This ensures the COVR-C1203 is "fast enough to support multiple devices undertaking data-intensive tasks like simultaneous gaming and HD streaming" – something that would be keenly appreciated in most modern homes filled with modern families.

As you'd expect, D-Link talks up its "revolutionary Smart Roaming technology", and says this enables the Covr Seamless Wi-Fi System to "continually scan the wireless signal strength to your devices, automatically connecting them to the strongest signal available".

This means you can "walk from room to room without experiencing video buffering while watching HD movies from your favourite streaming channels".

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Even more importantly, for those disappointed by Wi-Fi extenders of old, Covr also "ensures your entire home is covered by a single Wi-Fi network using a single network name (SSID), making interrupted connections, dropouts and dead spots a thing of the past".

As Reardon mentions, "ease of set-up is a key highlight of the Covr system with the three included Covr Points pre-paired to work straight out of the box, so you can simply plug them into your existing modem to get started, and enjoy high-quality, seamless Wi-Fi across your home".

You can then "configure your network quickly and easily with the free D-Link Wi-Fi app on your Android or iOS mobile device, or by using the intuitive and 'award-winning' D-Link Web-based interface".

Another important part of the equation is in the connecting of "wireless devices to your Covr network" all being simple, "thanks to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button, which establishes an instant connection to new devices without the need to enter new settings or passwords every time".

For those wanting a little extra detail, D-Link says "Covr’s built-in MU-MIMO functionality sends data to multiple devices simultaneously to increase speed and efficiency across your home Wi-Fi network, while its Smart Steering will automatically connect devices to the optimal 2.4Ghz or 5GHz Wi-Fi band and even move devices between Wi-Fi bands when the network experiences congestion.

"All of this happens automatically, seamlessly and without dropouts, lag or any interruption to your wireless connection".

So, what are the key features of the Covr Seamless Wi-Fi System (COVR-C1203)?

They are as follows:

  • MU-MIMO Technology: Efficiently handles large numbers of concurrent devices
  • AC1200 Wireless Speeds: Watch movies and stream audio over a fast Wi-Fi network
  • Smart Roaming: Keeps devices connected to the strongest signal so users can move freely throughout their home and always stay connected
  • Smart Steering: Automatically directs a device to the optimum wireless band for reduced buffering and lag
  • Easy set-up: The free D-Link Wi-Fi app allows for easy set up and management of the Covr System
  • Firmware update push notifications: Always keeps the Covr System up to date
  • COVR changeable colour plates: Includes three Rose Gold, one Ocean Blue and one Gold Covr plate to match any home’s décor
  • Warranty: Includes D-Link’s industry-leading warranty, customer service and support.

And what will this modern meshing marvel of Wi-Fi wonder cost – and when can you get it?

The new Covr C1203 Seamless Wi-Fi System is available now at D-Link's online store in Australia and New Zealand for AUD$449.95 and NZ$599.99 respectively and at "all good D-Link retailers and resellers across Australia and New Zealand".

iTWire has received a D-Link COVR system for review – and a review will be forthcoming!

Here are D-Link's two videos on the COVR C1203 series:

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