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VIDEO: Carsales' clever AutoAds can create over a trillion ads, with 'no two the same'


A new video ad creation tool from CarSales, called AutoAds, is "the first of its type for the Australian auto category", delivering impressive-looking car ads.

For some unspecified and presumably scarcity marketing related reason to get as much usage of the service as quickly as possible, the service is only billed as being "available for a limited time".

That said, we're told the service "offers every private seller on carsales the opportunity to have their very own big, expensive-feeling car ad" – if they have a car to sell in time before the limited time period reaches its seemingly arbitrary limit.

In the 14 days after the service launched, CarSales said that AutoAds has been used to "generated an unprecedented 500,000 personalised video car ads, which have been viewed more than 554,000 times, achieving mass scalability and engagement".

Whether that means each ad has been viewed at least once beyond being viewed at least once by the car seller isn't explained, and whether there's any metrics shared so car sellers can see how many times their ad has been viewed isn't explained as yet either.

In addition, whether there's any opportunity to recast your ad or further edit it is also as yet unknown, but no doubt AutoAds will see all manner of evolutionary improvement as time goes by, becoming ever more powerful.

Indeed, the service sounds quite transformative, but this is where any allusions to Autobots and Decepticons will be left up to your own individual imaginations. 

So, how do you get your very own AutoAd?

Well, after listing your car at carsales, you as a private seller receive "five unique themed 40-second AutoAds to choose from and post" on your Facebook page".

The themes are: "Adventure, Family, Tough, Luxury and City, each with bespoke music designed by Loner Productions."

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Often online sales companies have things to upsell you in an attempt to grant your listing greater visibility, but whether that's the case with AutoAds is not explained in the company's media release.

However, we are told that "AutoAds was built by creative agency CHE Proximity, and uses a combination of AWS’s step functions and lambda to stitch the data and footage together into an array of different car ads with five distinct themes, hundreds of scenes and thousands of voice over clips".

"The data and footage was used to build an algorithm that automatically pulls in the names of sellers, car type, price and odometer readings. As a result, the car and seller’s details are unique to each AutoAd, and the algorithm seamlessly rearranges the footage and script with different lines and visuals."

Matt Rose, technical director of Product and Comms at CHE Proximity, said AutoAds had the potential to produce 1.2 trillion unique car commercials, with no two ads ever the same.

Rose rose to the occasion, and stated: “AutoAds is unique because it uses serverless technology that allows thousands of ads to process concurrently and on-demand per day, completely hidden to the user.

“The tool is fully integrated with carsales and instantly generates five bespoke themed AutoAds on demand every time a private seller posts a listing on carsales.

“We worked closely with AWS to facilitate the infrastructure to scale this campaign. Essentially, what makes AutoAds so remarkable is that despite complex elements and variances that generates mass outputs concurrently and on-demand per day, the AutoAd still feels seamless to the customer,” Rose continued, essentially explaining how everything's coming up roses.

Kellie Cordner, chief marketing officer at Carsales, said AutoAds appealed to the tech and innovative DNA within carsales.

Cordner wasn't pulling anyone's chain when she stated: “As the number one place in Australia to sell your car online, the AutoAds tool demonstrates carsales’ unwavering commitment to helping Australians sell with confidence and ease.

“With social communities playing such a big part in our everyday lives, the fun and personalised nature of AutoAds is a unique and engaging way for our sellers to get the word out that their car is up for sale.”

Here's the Carsales AutoAds corporate video:


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