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Braun Series 5: the smoothest tech-enhanced shaving experience under $400?


Ok, so a shaver isn’t the kind of tech that plugs into your IT systems, you don’t use one to program apps, they’re not needed when surfing the web or composing emails, but a good shaver is still a great, must-have gadget!

If there’s one gadget I love using every morning, it’s my shaver. Shaving is like a ritual, for men and women, and while presumably very few women are likely to be using the new Braun Series 5 on their faces (although who knows in our modern world), it’s a piece of tech hundreds of millions if not billions of people use every day.

Shaving the bits that need to be shaved prepare you for your day, and an electric shaver that has the kind of flexible, personalised experience that flexible razor blades offer, but without all the fuss and mess of shaving cream is a gadget that I want to know more about.

I already use a Braun shaver – the Series 3 Cooltec with a ceramic section at the top which delivers a very cooling effect when gliding it over your face, and I love that feature.

However, I’ve always wished that the head of the shaver could flex to match the shape of my cheeks, face and neck for a closer, better shave, as has been advertised for a while now with the high-end of blade-based razors.

It also seems obvious to me, at least, that until we get a laser shaver built into our iPhones and Androids, we’re still going to need dedicated shaving devices to prep us for the rest of the day.

So, when Braun emailed me with the launch of its “New Braun Series 5”, my spidey-gadget-senses started tingling with the desire to learn more, which starts off with the info that this new series brings the AutoSense tech from its Series 9 and 7 models to the Series 5 range for the first time – presumably thus making it a lot more affordable, especially when you consider the Series 5 still costs $399!

Braun says its new shaver has “SkinSensitive Technology” to “combine power and precision without sacrificing on skin comfort".

It has what is billed as a “unique combination of Comfort FlexHead and AutoSense technology” to deliver “maximum performance by navigating the larger as well as the smallest contours with ease, without compromising on skin comfort".

This sounds like the kind of close shave I’d prefer having on a daily basis.

The headline features and benefits are as follows:

  • The Comfort FlexHead’s independently flexible cutting elements work on an adjustable head that maintains maximum skin contact thanks to both MicroFunction and MacroFunction capabilities.
  • MicroMotion – individual suspension of all cutting elements means they respond to even the smallest contours.
  • MacroMotion – The 40-degree pivoting shaver head effortlessly navigates along larger contours for maximum skin contact.
  • Features Braun’s Free Float system – floating foil that effortlessly follows facial contours for a smooth finish.
  • Equipped with the Ultra ActiveLift trimmer effectively capture problem hairs, especially around the neck and chin.
  • Includes Braun’s Precision Trimmer, for the ultimate accuracy when trimming moustache and sideburns for your precise look thanks to real-time intelligence, providing the exact power where it’s needed most.

More top features and benefits:

  • The AutoSensing motor automatically reads the density of the beard along the cheek, neck and jaw.
  • It adapts the power flow automatically, accelerating where the beard is denser to keep the same performance during the whole shave maintaining consistent blade frequency and amplitude.
  • As the shaver moves across the face, it continually reads and detects differences in beard density and adapts its power accordingly.
  • A personalised shaving experience, it glides over the skin delivering the right power just where it’s needed.
  • Providing you with a gentle and efficient shave so you can look and feel your best.
  • This AutoSense technology promises to deliver “maximum efficiency and skin comfort in each stroke.”

Naturally, such technology doesn’t come cheap – the Braun Series 5 retails for $399, at the same places you buy shaving gear, which is usually the Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, David Jones and Myer.

Finally, iTWire obviously isn’t the place you’d normally read about new shavers, but the tech offers an improved and upgraded "interface," as such, and is an electric bridge to the body’s own organic technology, cutting it down to size quite literally.

It’s home tech of a type that has become ever more technologically advanced, and while there’s no in-built Wi-Fi connection yet, or Internet of Things addition, just you wait, we might get those features next year, too!


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