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VIDEO: Acer’s new 2015 lineup, 1 to 100-inch product offering Featured


Acer has showcased its new 2015 product range at its ‘[email protected]’ conference in New York, but its keynote presentation trails Apple’s efforts badly.

Acer has released a full range of products for 2015, many of which will soon be running the free Windows 10 upgrade, as announced at its ‘[email protected]’ conference in New York.

The full 1 hour keynote video is embedded below, but it’s the worst keynote video of all time.

To start with, Jason Chen, Acer CEO, mangles his English. Given the trial runs we’ve heard Apple conducts for its keynotes, and given teleprompters, quite why Chen had to wing it and speak mangled English is beyond me.

Then there’s Chen’s constant interruption of the people he brought on stage to talk about Acer’s various product ranges.

Given that Chen has full knowledge of Acer’s product lines, his feigned surprise, emphasis of points and questions he knows the answers to just seemed unprofessional - it detracted from the presentation and did not add to it - at least in my eyes.

Finally, whoever filmed the presentation needs to look for a new job. Everything is too dark, it’s hard to see the items being demonstrated - you can’t see the keyboards, nothing is particularly well demonstrated. It’s a mess.

You even had Intel’s Genevieve Bell, the famed anthropologist at Intel talking about how easy it was to detach and re-attach the screen to one of Acer’s 2-in-1 switch devices, and how this was important for end-users.

Bell clearly did not practice this action, because she wasn’t able to re-attach it, exclaiming that she knew she’d stuff it up, handing it to Chen and remarking words to the effect that you needed a man to do it.

I thought it was supposed to be easy, and designed to be easy, but if one of Intel’s top executives couldn’t do this smoothly on stage, it’s not a good look.

You can see all of this for yourself at the embedded video below:

Contrast this with virtually any of Apple’s videos. Apple puts more effort and care into its videos than many competitors put into their actual products.

Like it or not, impressions count, and I didn’t get a good impression of Acer from its keynote video.

That’s not to say its products are bad, but I just wish its video - of its keynote - was much, much better.

So, what is Acer launching?

It has Windows products, Chromebooks, tablets (including ‘educational’ tablets), phones, a brand new curved monitor and more, which you can see here at Acer’s site

Acer says its products are ‘designed to improve people’s lives’ at work and at play, and that it has focused ‘on specific areas of life: productivity, education, entertainment, gaming and connecting’.

Jason Chen, the aforementioned CEO of Acer said: “We believe that asking questions leads to better products. Because by doing so we will have a sound understanding of consumers and as a result, we will be able to develop products and solutions that truly echo their needs.”

Of course, as noted, a keynote video of Acer’s launch IS one of Acer’s products, as such, and the question I ask of Chen is whether he’ll do a vastly better job next time - and if he’ll stop interrupting his presenters.

Acer showcased its Switch 2-in-1 devices, with two Switch 10 models. There’s an 11-inch convertible dubbed the Aspire R 11, and three new notebooks, the Aspire V 15, Aspire E and Aspire ES.

There’s the new 15-inch Chromebook with 11.5 hours of battery life, the Iconia 10 tablet for education and Iconia One 8 with advanced touch capability.

All the Windows devices are powered by Windows 8.1 and will get a free upgrade to Windows 10.

The company also unveiled its first 34-inch curved gaming monitor with NVIDIA’a G-Sync technology, and an LED project with an intelligent ambient light sensor.

Acer is also launching a ‘Predator’ line of gaming desktops, notebooks, tablets and monitors, clearly seeking to take on the Dell’s Alienware and HP gaming-class systems.

There was yet still more demonstrated, including mini PCs, Build Your Own Cloud stuff and more, so check out Acer’s site and keynote video to see for yourself.


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