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Monday, 20 September 2021 15:52

How do you take care of the well-being of remote workers?

By Guest Writer

Guest Opinion: As the spread of COVID grew in 2020, the health departments of every nation issued warnings to its citizens about the seriousness of the illness, which may manifest itself in the form of severe sneezing and coughing. As a consequence, the Business organization, like many others, made the decision to operate the show remotely rather than in a classical way. 

As a business owner or manager, the health of your workers should be the most important factor you have in mind for your company. According to Gallup's State of the American Workplace poll, 43 per cent of US workers work from home on some days or all of the time on a regular basis. 

Additionally, the study demonstrates that there are five well-being variables that affect the performance of one's job and one's overall health, which are: the professional, social, financial, community, and physical well-being aspects. According to recent research findings, workers who are experiencing an imbalanced state of well-being are 33 per cent more likely to want to seek a new job in the near future. In contrast, when a person has a high level of well-being, it seems that the percentage of people who want to search for a new job drops to 8 per cent. Increasing the amount of time spent on corporate wellness development may also aid in lowering the proportion to 4%.

However, the underlying issue is that just one out of every fourteen workers in the United States has achieved all five well-being criteria. 

The effect of well-being variables on employees' health and job performance has been studied extensively, and it has also been studied in relation to the performance of remote workers. It is recommended that the leader provide additional attention to the remote workers, particularly in terms of their physical wellbeing. It is due to the negative effect of lockdown, which prevents workers from engaging in regular physical activity or leading a productive life as they did before lockdown. 

Nonetheless, being productive from home may help to maintain a healthy sense of well-being despite the restrictive situation. As a result, the role of the leader is critical in inspiring the workforce. 

Working out at home is convenient since it allows you to perform exercises such as squats and wall sits as well as calf raises, planks, and crunches for beginners, and working out at home also allows you to maintain your privacy. If you are no longer a beginner, you should include pushups, lunges, and burpees into your routine and set aside at least 20 minutes each day for exercise. Make it a part of your daily routine to be more productive and maintain a healthy balance in your life. What about those who have never exercised before? There are many fitness apps available on our smartphones such as CircleCare contain instructional videos, a timer, and a comprehensive guide that includes and excludes the use of equipment, among other features. 

Participating in household tasks may be more than just a need; it can also help you remain productive. Not only should you keep your home clean, but you should also keep it organized. Making use of your favourite music as you do your duties has the ability to both inspire and make you enjoy your activity. Home tasks have also been shown to help you lose a few pounds. You will be more productive and healthier if you live in a clean environment, which will improve your overall well-being. 

Vitamin D: Sunlight, upon rising, remaining outdoors, and breathing fresh air, may help to relax your mind and make you feel more alive, according to the National Institutes of Health. Leaving your windows open enables natural light to enter your house, which has been shown to help balance your circadian cycle and enhance your sleep quality. 

During work periods, you should walk around the room to a location that is more exposed to natural light. Find a more suitable atmosphere for improved performance and production. 

Increase your social capital by using video chat technology to connect with individuals who are far away, as well as with colleagues and close friends, in order to share all of the good news and to encourage one another to do better. 

Time for introspection: spending the entire day at home may cause you to reflect on your life. Always keep an eye on your health, keep track of and update your objectives, look for new skills to acquire, and consume nutritious foods to ensure that you stay on track. 

The food ordering method may be unfamiliar to many individuals. Although you are unable to purchase anything from the shop due to the lockdown, it is possible to order anything you want or good meals such as salads, fruits, and other nutritious foods that have been shown to enhance your health and fitness. 

One of the most successful ways of achieving excellent management is to provide all of the workers with appropriate individual coaching on a regular basis. Because many workers are experiencing feelings of loneliness and emotion as a consequence of the lockdown, the manager will need to adjust his approach and motivational strategies. The manager's ability to communicate with employees must be improved in order for the manager to recognize the true nature of the issue and assist in providing a suitable solution to the employees. 

Last but not least, employees who have attained those five well-being criteria are more productive than their peers, according to research. It is critical for management to assist the other uninspired or imbalanced employees in order to improve the overall performance of the business and, as a result, raise its profit.


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