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Thursday, 30 June 2022 19:31

Why should you select between residential proxies for sneaker bots?

By Guest Writer

GUEST OPINION: First of all, you need to figure out what a sneaker bot is and what it is needed for. In fact, this is a software tool that is automated for the process of choosing, making a purchase and placing an order by a buyer or user on the Internet. So, understanding this term leads to the next question. What's next? Buying a sneaker bot is just the beginning, well, or half the process. It ends with a high-quality selection of proxies. Proxy server is a gasket between you and your requests in Internet resources. Your home computer or laptop can be accessed in a hidden way. You can safely and quickly search the Internet without worrying about the consequences. If you paraphrase it shows the IP address of the proxy server instead of your home one. So, you should know some significant information about residential proxies for sneaker bots.

Categories of Sneaker Proxies

Given the information that each Internet site has a different code in its composition, also each retailer has an antibot system. Depending on how the sites are used, there are several types of proxies. Each of which fits different criteria. There are three main types of proxies that can be used with sneaker bots: ISP, residential and datacenter. Each of them has both disadvantages and advantages, so we will consider them in a little more detail.

  1. Residential Proxies. These proxies have IP addresses that are accessed by your ISP. Such addresses are assigned, if I may say so, based on your "home address". They can also be called local. They are widely popular, as they have 2 undoubted pluses. The first is the low price relative to other types. The second is the ability to generate and create many proxies, in unlimited quantities. But do not forget that creating a large number of proxies means the same as a large amount of data usage on the Internet. The residential proxies tariff plan contains a certain amount of data, which is measured in gigabytes. Each individual tariff plan has its own number of gigabytes and accordingly pricing policy. 
  2. Datacenter Proxies. They refer to proxies that are created by a secondary provider, as opposed to residential, which have a close relationship with an Internet service provider. Because of this, they have an increased risk of being tagged with websites. They are quite easy to block, since you can easily distinguish them from residential, respectively, the demand for them increases. 

So, let's speak about the residential way of using proxies more widely. A very important aspect is the availability of IP addresses that are accessible from different places (cities, regions or entire countries). Therefore, these addresses are difficult to block, because they look quite ordinary and natural. They are often chosen.t different advertising or IT companies, in order to check the advertising or the effect of their services on various resources. Resident proxies are easily combined with data centers, but are checked more carefully by hosting providers. Anonymity is the key to their success and popularity. Proxy prices depend on the amount of memory and gigabytes that are possessed and transmitted through the server. There are free and paid proxy servers. Freebies can be unsafe, as they are often unstable and slow. Their anonymity is also worth worrying about. In turn, when buying a resident proxy, you have the opportunity to choose a particular range of services provided. 

Pros of using residential proxies are as follows:

  • Combination of proxies with any browsers
  • Guaranteed safety in use
  • Separate IP address for each request on the Internet
  • Having a unique IP-address, the ability to use it from several devices at once
  • Controlled access to websites plus least administrative rights to the software
  • the connected proxy server can be used as a place to store the amount of data
  • Traffic Management
  • The use of a proxy allows you to protect the computer or any other device from the non-negative effects of viruses
  • Absence of server failures
  • Email defense: residential proxies identify and track all outgoing and incoming emails for pernicious content or links by covering machines’ real and true IP addresses.

Cos of using residential proxies are as follows:

  • While working with proxy servers, you need to take into account the fact that they contain cache data, that is, personal information. containing passwords and bank details.
  • Resident proxies replace your IP address without providing any encryption, as it is much more expensive and time-consuming.
  • The configuration of the software and the proxy server can be quite complex, although in many respects fit together. If an error occurs, you will have to turn to the services of an IT engineer, which is quite a costly moment. This is the key to your safety and control of work.

To sum up 

So, the main decision that you have to make is the decision on which type of proxy to choose. Well, for this difficult choice, you must take into account several factors at once: the type of activity, the budget, the main goal and the methods for achieving it. If your goal is anonymity and the preservation of data, both personal and working, you should definitely pay attention to the residential proxies. You will be able to take advantage of all the advantages of working with servers that provide services for the purchase of proxies from the best network engineers. Also, it checks the level of secrecy of information, its efficiency, quality of work and speed. During digitalization, even mobile proxies are available on the market. Users with minimal knowledge can even try to create a proxy server on their own using a web domain and consult on its work with specialists. However, this all affects the quality of the proxy server, so you should not joke with it. Do not buy into the benefits of free proxies, they are not safe. If you care about your information, resources and queries on the Internet, as well as are tuned to the result, choose the best option - residential proxies. The main rule of successful work on the Internet is that it is better to pay a certain amount of money for high-quality work than to correct errors caused by free resources.

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