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Tuesday, 17 May 2022 23:19

Developing a custom app is good for your business - and here's why

By Miquido

GUEST OPINION: A good business is a business that is constantly growing - and that means keeping an eye on the future and continually innovating. With over 6.6 billion smartphones in the world one of the most popular marketing channels is a mobile app, and with 50% of companies owning their own app at least one of your competitors has already got on board.

If you're thinking about developing a mobile it's important that you first understand the benefits and downsides. Before hiring a custom app development company here is our advice on what you need to know that will allow you to develop the perfect bespoke app for your needs.

Apps give you access to a massive market

There are over 6.6 billion smartphones in the world and every phone has 80 apps installed, with 30 of them used in any month. That's a lot of apps being used every single day! That's how big the app market is and why every entrepreneur needs to consider it, no matter your business - it's not for tech firms only!

If you're in the hotels and leisure business, for example, an app can be highly valuable for your customers. There are over a billion travellers every year and one of the most popular travel apps is Booking with nearly half a billion visits per month.

Imagine getting a slice of that action! This can significantly raise your company's growth, and provide value for your customers.

Apps strengthen brand awareness and brand recognition

Every marketer will highlight the importance of brand awareness, it doesn't matter how small the company is. It's essential to build a brand as you grow because brand recognition can win loyal fans and help undecided customers make a choice when they are hesitant about which product or service to choose.

An app sitting right on your customer's phone can significantly improve your brand awareness and brand recognition. Choosing the best cross-platform app development partners and programming languages will see you with an app that is available on iOS, Android, and the web with the same quality customer experience on each platform.

This helps consumers easily recognise your brand when they see it online, in stores, and on social media. The more you lock your brand into the minds of consumers the more likely they will choose your products with your logo over those of competitors.

Apps provide fast and direct access to your customers

One of the biggest complaints consumers have is about the inability to contact someone when they are experiencing an issue. No matter how much companies invest in customer support it seems there's never an adequate response for all customers all the time.

One of the top complaints coming from customers about the businesses they are working with is the inability to contact someone that will solve their issues. It seems like no matter how much businesses invest in customer support; there's never an adequate response for their clients.

Here's where an app can help you significantly increase client satisfaction with your communications. It's not because the app-based channel is more valued among consumers, but because you can infuse it with AI integration to provide instant solutions for customers as they type in their problems.

You can make your app work offline so clients can still search for answers even when they are not online. Many customers also prefer fast written responses instead of phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

Apps can raise profits

Companies selling products need retail outlets to make profits. Until only a decade or so ago there was no real digital channel for making profits but with the rise of smartphones, the Internet, and apps, consumers can now easily and seamlessly shop online through apps on their smartphone.

It's critical that if you run a retail store, for example, you have an app that serves your customers as well as your physical retail stores. Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have tremendous success because of their apps. Billions of dollars are made from clients who use these apps and order through them.

Once your app becomes popular you'll see many people avoid going to retail stores and instead order online and through the app. Your profits will rise significantly because of these customers, which explains why owning an app is crucial for your business.

Apps are the best way to tie all social media into a closed circle

There are roughly 4.62 billion social media users globally. Most of them love sharing information and thoughts about various matters on their profiles. Engagement is essential for all companies who like to keep the competitive edge and move forward, which means social media plays a valuable role.

Tying all social media profiles and pages into one spot can bring tremendous success in making some of your marketing efforts go viral. If you have one post on any social network that goes viral you'll find thousands of new followers will also come to your other social media networks, and they will download your app.

Once they've done this you can communicate and maintain engagement through the app - posting news, sending notifications, and providing updates. This keeps your customers engaged and always informed about your products, services, and activities. There's nothing more valuable than free marketing, and that's what social media connected to your app can provide.


If you're thinking about developing a bespoke app for your business be sure to make the right choice. We've outlined why you need an app, and factors to keep in mind when building one.

Really, not having a custom-made app for your business in 2022 means you're losing potential customers and profits. On the other hand, having an app of your own means constant growth, competitiveness, and profitability.

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