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Monday, 18 October 2021 14:20

Building your team through inspiration - what this looks like in a post-COVID world

By Guest Writer

GUEST OPINION: As you would know, progressive and efficient workplaces are built around employee happiness, wellness, and career success. That is how employers are able to attract and retain top talents in the increasingly competitive global labour market.

But then it is not easy to create such a workplace in a world that’s filled with emotional suffering and economic uncertainties. That is where professional inspirational guest speakers come in. These are professionals who combine knowledge from the field of psychology and their personal career experiences to inspire workers. Good corporate speakers will help you and your team to come up with intriguing strategies for successful team building.  They will help individual employees to cultivate resilience, navigate personal and professional obstacles, and keep abreast of more efficient and futuristic ideas/techniques. Focused and inspired individuals are great team players.

Inspiring your team post-COVID

Collaborative teamwork took a nosedive during the COVID-19 disruption. Most notably, socially distanced work arrangements had a negative impact on employees’ wellness, job satisfaction, mental health, and productivity. This impact could outlive the pandemic. How then can you get the band back together and inspire teamwork through inspiration? How does team building look like in the post-corona corporate world?

1.    Breaking bad habits takes precedence

Working from home has interrupted the sense of routine that workers had developed before COVID-19 came to town. The pandemic messed up our natural body clock, the clock that helps people create and follow schedules. This has precipitated many bad habits that employers need to help their employees to break out from. These include:

  • Many people cannot set or follow a proper sleep cycle. Irregular sleep patterns can reduce a worker’s focus in the workplace, increase their irritability, and negatively impact their personal interactions.
  • Bad eating habits are mainly caused by prolonged lockdowns. Many people stress-eat during a crisis, others adopt irregular eating patterns, and that is a recipe for lifestyle diseases. Mental Health & Well-being Speakers can help your team overcome this dangerous habit.
  • Professional and personal lives, for many people, have crossed boundaries during the pandemic. Everything has changed from dress codes, working hours, to leisure time, and getting things back to normalcy won’t be easy. Individuals need guidance if they are to achieve a healthy life-work balance.
  • Social media has been great in keeping people connected during the pandemic, but it could be a problem going forward. Many workers might struggle to keep away from the internet even after returning to the office. Too much screen time destroys employee productivity, divides their attention, and ruins their social life. It makes it hard for team members to stay in sync.

Building a cohesive team is almost impossible when individual members are weighed down by the baggage of bad habits. Motivational speakers can teach your employees the art of substituting bad habits with healthy habits. They can help each member recognise and overcome the post-COVID fears, triggers, and limiting beliefs that could be fueling their bad habits. They can help employees visualise success, rebuild new identities, and reconnect with their “older” selves before the bad habits. A good inspirational speaker will even train team members on how to help one another to regain their healthy habits.

2.    The art of learning from adversity

The pandemic and its repercussions still hang over our heads. If team members are to succeed in the post-COVID economy, they have to learn how to stay resilient during adversity. Corporate guest speakers will help your employees find and leverage useful lessons from the pandemic. Some of the inspirational lessons that you need to teach your employees include:

  • Compassion during hardships: It will be imperative that employers teach their workers the need for looking after one another and remaining sensitive to other people’s pain. Different people are handling the pandemic differently, after all. We all need to learn to manage our expectations even as we lean on our teams.
  • Flexibility and agility: Things are changing fast and so should your employees. You need to inspire them to be resilient, agile, and durable in how they think, feel and act.
  • How to rise up from a major career setback: Many workers are operating on survivor mode. It is up to employers to help their employees back on track in terms of career goals and personal aspirations.

3.    Training on pushing human limits to persevere

The pandemic overstretched the endurance and strength of most people. Professional inspirational speakers will remind your employees that, individually and collectively, they are capable of far more than they imagine. Employees need to be reminded that improvement is possible even in the midst of unpleasant sensations and emotional surges.

4.    The art of harnessing the inner fight

The aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic is a hopeless situation for many people. That is why employers should help their teams to harness their inner strength. You should help individual employees to harness their core traits such as leadership, independent thinking, and unstoppable hunger for success. These traits are critical for the success of any team.

Some of the individual employees’ strengths that employers need to inspire (and leverage) for success after coronavirus include:

  • Positive emotions such as gratitude, love, and self-compassion
  • Engaged personalities such as self-awareness and self-discipline.
  • Warm personalities: Humorous, wise, generous, happy people
  • Optimistic people: Confident, resilient, and determined individuals will help the team grow.
  • Mindful and empathetic personalities.

5.    Grit and perseverance training

Employees need the audacity and confidence to dream of great things in the face of uncertainty. That is grit. You need to inculcate in them strong values that will redefine their perspective in life and give meaning to their careers. You need to instill in them an unalienable fighting spirit and perseverance to keep pursuing their individual and team goals. You can lean on the expertise of corporate guest speakers for that. Among other things, a corporate speaker will help your team:

  • Find the focus and commitment needed to overcome daunting post-COVID challenges and attain big team goals.
  • Fill the gaps between good ideas on paper and the reality of executing each idea.
  • Overcome the fear of failure that has crippled many teams during the pandemic.

Choosing the right corporate speaker in the post-corona era

Virtual events are likely to outlive the pandemic - they actually could be a part of the new normal. You should choose a reputable remote virtual speaker for your team-building event. That is on top of a speaker being knowledgeable in the areas we have discussed above. Good virtual motivational speakers:

  • Use sophisticated and top-level technologies; not your standard Zoom PowerPoint presentations. Their cameras and motion graphics are post-modern for more effective messaging.
  • Have invested in fantastic lighting, modern acoustics, and a proper stage for presentations. They don’t set up a makeshift stage in a small bedroom.
  • Have professional production teams that ensure quality presentations. Elevated production value underlines the importance of the presentation.
  • Include a healthy amount of remote audience interaction in their presentations. They expertly carve into their presentations questions and polls that keep the audience interested and engaged.
  • Know how to use music, comedy, and art to inject some fun energy into what would otherwise be a boring and monotonous presentation.


Your team won’t become cohesive and productive until each individual member is inspired to play their role in the team. Each member has to agree and be emotionally prepared to be a small contributing part of a project bigger than their fears and ambitions. Motivational speakers will share inspiring, relatable, and entertaining stories that will set your team on the right team-building path. They will inspire and equip your workers to pursue individual and team excellence.

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