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10 Steps to Machining CNC Parts

By WayKen Rapid Manufacturing

Product News: A team of engineers and manufacturers join forces to help anyone in need of these items of precision. In this discussion, we will tackle how they create CNC parts for your manufacturing project. But before that, let’s discuss what CNC parts are and why do you need them.

What Are CNC Parts?

Engineers and innovators create CNC parts to comply with a specific requirement that no existing parts can achieve. These requirements include safety and precision considerations; that is why they utilize custom CNC machining services.

Step 1: Standard Parts Selection

Before creating CNC parts, designers and engineers will search for an alternative, such as a similar part that other designers use. But it’s not possible in some instances, such as when standard ones are either too expensive or not readily available. Those moments will help an engineer decide that custom CNC parts creation is a better option.

Step 2: Designing Ideal Machined Parts

After determining which parts are standardized and customized, the engineers will decide on the shapes and dimensions of the customized ones. The purpose is to match everything from the assembly to the end-user. They will determine their designs after the following considerations:

Dimension Considerations

Designing CNC parts will depend on the geometry and the sizes of every feature. The designer will tell the machinists about the measurements and geometries in the form of drawings and models. The designer will also decide the tolerance or closeness to a dimension so that the machinist will keep the part as precise as it should be.

Material Selection

The shape is as important as the composition of the CNC parts. That is why the designer will also determine the material of every machine for it that their designs would use. After that, the machinist will know every subtractive process that the material will undergo to create the custom part.

Step 3: Deciding the Machining Processes

Not every shape and dimension is achievable using the same CNC machining process. That is why the designer will most likely update their design after learning about available CNC processes within their budget. That is why a good designer will save time when considering machining processes before starting the part design.

Machine Shop Selection

Machining services near you are also unique to each other. They have their own set of equipment and staff with specific specializations. Knowing which shop to contact for a CNC process is valuable, but knowing a shop that can offer the best CNC services will significantly benefit your project.

Step 4: Handing over Machined CNC Parts Requirements

After touching bases, the CNC machine shop will confirm every part design they promise to produce. They will also declare a lead time for your machined parts. It’s a great option to decide to order around a hundred machined parts since it’s the optimum volume for CNC processes.

Step 5: Programming and Machine Setup

This step means telling the CNC machine where to go and what to do. The process is in the form of CNC programming. Machine shops have experts who use the programming language called g code, which CNC machines can understand. That way, the machinist can tell the machine where the cutting tool should move.

CAD vs. CAM Explained

You might be hearing the terms mentioned above when discussing CNC machining. It is because CAD or computer-aided design concerns the creation of the visual model of the CNC parts. On the other hand, CAM or computer-aided manufacturing uses geometrical data from CAD to create the piece.

Steps for CNC Machine Setup

Creating a machined part is far from pressing a button and waiting for the machine to finish its job. CNC machines are clumsy without the help of an excellent machinist. Thus, here is an overview of how machinists tell the machine how to create your CNC parts.

  • Orienting the workpiece. The machine can create the desired shape only after a well-positioned material.
  • Clamping the parts. Holding the part firmly is also an essential step in a machine setup. Machines use strong forces to cut the material, which can make or break The final product.
  • Zero coordinate positionings. The machine will gather a material’s corner location With the help of the machinist. It's crucial to help the machine know where the cuts should take place.
  • Cutting tools preparation. Telling the machine where the sharp points are will also help in the precision process. The work will start only after setting everything in the correct position.

Step 6: Program Testing and Simulation

It's risky to use the program on the actual material without checking the program first. That is why the material loaded on the steps earlier would be for trials only. The purpose is to check if the program will create your CNC parts’ desired shape and dimensions.

Step 7: Part Machining

Now, here is the fun part! It's time for machining every custom CNC parts you requested. When you have unique pieces, you will repeat from step 5 up to this step, and the cycle goes on until the process is finished creating all the parts.

Step 8: Initial Quality Checks and Surface Finishing

Checking if your machined parts met all the design requirements is crucial, especially when your CNC parts have high precision. Another part of this step is surface finishing when appearance, smoothness, and position requirements are present. It is labour-intensive and costly work; that is why machinists don't recommend surface finishing unless necessary.

Step 9: Final Modifications and Quality Checks

This step only happens when you need extreme specifications for your project. The machinist will either modify your part is slightly or recreate it from scratch after a mistake. If everything works smoothly, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 10: Packaging and Shipping

This exciting part is when you receive a notification about your CNC parts that are about to arrive. The machine shop will enclose each piece carefully so you can receive everything in a near-perfect state. After receiving your CNC machined parts together with the standard components, you are now ready to assemble your project.

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