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Ethical worker rights do-gooders plan wheelbarrow delivered petition protest featuring 250,000 signatures and an ethical iProtester dressed in a presumably ethically made iPhone iSuit - in Sydney, Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, London and Bangalore.

If you can't go to China yourself to help the millions of workers abused by Chinese factory management, there's an easier way to get your protest message across - and that's by making an iScene at some of the world's most important Apple Stores.

While the world is unaware as to whether or not the 'ethical protesters' have eschewed all presumably unethically-made Chinese products, or whether they're just joining an iFashionable protest is unknown, but the very visible action of iProtesting in front of some of Apple's major iStores is an ethical blackmail tactic these protesters are 100% willing to undertake - even if they'll iPresumably turn up in their Nikes or Chinese made clothes.  

Given that iRony is a concept probably alien to at least some of the protesters, just as it is for those iDedicated yet totally iWhacktoid 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters who protest against 'big corporations' by iRonically tweeting their iDisgust on their expensive corporate-created iDevices and laptop computers, I'd probably better leave iComedy to the two iRonnies.

Protest is, of course, a far easier course of action to take than going to China to try and actually do something on the ground for the reportedly mistreated iWorkers, and that's what the protesters are doing - iEthically iProtesting in an act of 'global action against worker abuse'.

This will see the iProtest group, claimed to be made up of Apple users, deliver a 'quarter million petition signatures to Apple in Sydney, Washington DC, NYC, San Francisco, London and Bangalore'.

The iCampaign targets 'concerned Apple customers' who have iRegistered themselves at 'Change.org' and 'Sum of Us' at each targeted Apple Store - with Sydney's George St Store the prime Australian iTarget - and will iDemand that 'the company respond to recent criticisms of worker abuse in their supplier factories and commit to creating an ethical iPhone 5.'

This naturally presumes that Apple will indeed release an iPhone 5, and not an iPhone 4G, 4GS or perhaps an iPhone 6 instead of the long-awaited and as yet undelivered iPhone 5 model.

Unlike Apple Store lines of many thousands when Apple launches any new iDevice, the iProtesters are expecting a group of but 20 iEthical iProtestors delivering those 250,000 iPetition iSignatures in an iWheelbarrow, which will iAsk the iCrunchy iComapny to 'develop a worker protection strategy in response to reported abust in Chinese supplier factories' - even though Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly done something like that already.

Genuine Apple Store customers can expect the iHoopla to iOfficially iBegin on iFriday, the 10th of iFebruary, at the family-friendly time of 8.00am at Apple's George St Sydney sotre.

One of the iProtesters will be wearing what we presume will be a 100% Ethically Made iPhone iProtest iSuit - presumably not using a skerrick of iChinese made iFabric - or at least, we iHope so.

Mark Shields, an Apple user from Washington DC who has probably not had to endure years of 'raise the shields' jokes from rabid iStarTrek iFans, decided to do good by launching a campaign on 'Change.org'.

Mr Shields, who may or may not be related to Brooke, says he 'launched the campaign on Change.org after learning about poor working conditions in the Chinese factories where many popular Apple products are manufactured, including the iPhone.'

Presumably, all those other companies also using the same iFactories Apple is using won't be seeing any iProtest actions, despite those same companies using the same iFactories as the supposedly iNasty and iEvil iApple.

The press release iCelebrating the iProtest says the 'petition delivery is being coordinated globally by concerned consumers', with these deliveries occurring at the iAforementioned iAppleStores, with all the protests 'all asking Apple to improve its commitment to worker protection'.

Again, there appears to be no campaigns asking Apple's competitors who use the exact same iFactories to do the exact same iThing, exposing a level of iRony that is presumably iNvisible and/or iRrelevant to the otherwise iErstwhile iProtesters.

'Major Media Outlets' such as the Boston Globe, CNN International, The Guardian and the BBC, among others, have already featured Mr Shields' Change.org iCampain of iNtense iProtest.  

Should you wish to see live signature totals for this particular Change.org campaign, you can use your hopefully ethically made and non-hypocritical Chinese-made computer to visit Mark's 'Change.org' campaign.

Should you wish to see the other works of doing good that Change.org claims to iDo, this iWebsite will iProvide you with more iNformation.

Just remember - it's probably best to let he or she who has not iSinned by buying any number of other presumably unethically made Chinese iGoods cast the first iStone. Surely there must exist amongst the ranks of iChangers many who are devout followers of ethical iBuying?

Only thine own iConsciences can truly iAnswer this iQuestion - and I say it without a hint of either iRonnies.

Thus, it's iGoodnight from me, and iGoodnight from him, and hopefully, iGoodnight from Apple's suppliers ever acting in any way, shape or form iUnethically ever again.


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