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Fleet and vehicle management group, LeasePlan, has contracted Verizon to provide all of the company’s global communications services, including in its Australian business, in a deal which will link more than six thousand of its employees across 30 countries.

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Verizon Business has launched a service for large corporates, to be offered worldwide, managing and supporting their growing 'fleets' of mobile devices. For some of its components the service will use technology from Sybase. Rollout in Asia Pacific is scheduled for later this year.

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Friday, 10 July 2009 08:21

Russia House connection for Verizon

The recent US-Russia summit in Moscow was all about high level diplomacy and an agreement on reducing nuclear arsenals, but behind the politics there was a commercial agreement falling into place with local Russian telecommunications company, Synterra and American telco Verizon signing up to a deal of their own.

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