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Toshiba Australia’s huge 50% price drop on three HD DVD players with a stack of free movies either signals the clear out stock at relatively cheap prices, or a price-led effort to revive HD DVD’s fortunes – which is it?

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Monday, 21 January 2008 19:47

Once again, thin is in: MacBook Air

The trend for technology to go thin has been with us for some time – I still have an old Sony portable CD player somewhere that’s barely bigger than a CD inside its plastic jewel case – and everybody’s seen the Motorola RAZR. The 30GB 5G iPod, the Nano and then the iPod Touch also propelled thin tech further, and now it culminates in the MacBook Air.

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Well known consumer electronics manufacturer, Hitachi, is set to cease sales of consumer electronics in Australia on the 29th of February, following record Christmas sales of products heavily discounted for the end-of-year festive season.

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