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A right ripper rainbow of 3G iPhone rumours is relentlessly raging across the radiant Internet, perpetuated by rapscallion rumour-mongers bent on raising expectation to raucous new heights. If it’s all true, it’s quite radical, but if not, it could well be outrageous.

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I wonder what Apple’s telco partners know that they can’t publicly announce, but could be trying to hint through deals that seem to scream: sell remaining stock, fast!

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Sunday, 06 April 2008 11:02

The 3G iPhone cometh... soon?

With the second coming of the 3G JesusPhone said to be nearly upon us, rapturous excitement is breaking out across the web. Those who haven’t yet converted to the religion of the iPhone must now await the passage of around 60 days to see if the rumours are right!

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