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Sunday, 03 December 2006 11:13

'Tis the season for spamming small businesses

Reports that global spam levels have reached a staggering 90% of all emails appear to have been vindicated by a new study.

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Sunday, 03 December 2006 08:35

Drivers slow down Vista

While the official consumer release of Windows Vista is a little less than two months away, based on the enterprise release on November 30, the blogosphere is buzzing with comparisons between Vista and Windows XP SP2. Much of it is unflattering to the new operating system based on the lack of availability of drivers.

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Sunday, 03 December 2006 05:02

Wii play, Wii work out

Global Wii sales have already passed the one million mark in the two weeks since its US launch, and it's onward to 2 million. A large part of the reason is that the new gaming device appears to have captured the imagination of a wider audience than traditional gamers. In fact, it may even become the first gaming device to be endorsed by personal trainers.

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