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As MacWorld 2007 approaches, it almost seems as if Apple fans are bent on willing the iPhone into existence with a slow hand clap. However, there's now another interesting Apple rumour doing the rounds in the blogosphere and it involves the Mac.

Monday, 04 December 2006 08:31

Vista more secure than XP?

Most of us who have played with the Aero interface and Flip 3D know how lovely Vista looks. However, is it really more secure than Windows XP? After all, both operating systems still need firewalls and anti-virus protection.

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Monday, 04 December 2006 05:00

Hawking's future is Serenity not Star Trek

Stephen Hawking, the genius who wrote a best seller that most readers couldn't understand, believes the human race is destined to colonize planets in other star systems. However, Hawking's vision sounds more like the cult space western series Firefly than Star Trek.

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