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Approximately 5 million new US business PCs will run vista by the end of 2007, according to a new report by research group Forrester. This is just a fraction of the new PCs that will be replaced.

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Tuesday, 05 December 2006 06:33

Fly me to the moon and let me stay among the stars

A permanent moon base is once again on the drawing boards of NASA after what to many has been a bitterly disappointing 34 year hiatus from manned space exploration.

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Tuesday, 05 December 2006 03:21

What Digg founder leaked about the iPhone

Kevin Rose, founder of content aggregator Digg, knows about the iPhone, he's leaked a lot in a podcast which is up on YouTube, and he's nervous about Apple retribution. Rose says there will be two flash RAM iPhone models, 4GB (US$249) and 8GB (US$449), they'll have two batteries, they'll be very small, they'll have a slide out keyboard and they'll be compatible with all the main cellular technologies.

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