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Google has greatly increased the attractiveness of its hosted applications portfolio especially to large corporates with the addition of a web security product that, according to Google, "makes it easy and affordable for companies of all sizes to provide Internet security to users in any location."

Tuesday, 29 April 2008 10:54

Google delivers on SaaS features promise

One of the benefits claimed for Software as a Service is that new features automagically appear without you having to install updates. An associated issue is that developers can incrementally roll out these new features instead of going for the big bang of a new release. That's certainly the path Google is taking.

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Oracle has announced the latest version of its SaaS CRM solution, CRM On Demand Release 15 in Australia. The new version of Oracle CRM On Demand, formerly Siebel CRM On Demand, introduces what Oracle describes as Social CRM capabilities for the Australia market, including social networking and collaboration capabilities.



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