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NBN Co says 2017 will be the biggest year for the National Broadband Network, with almost 50% of the network rollout completed by the end of June. But, it won't be all plain sailing, with the company flagging some disruption as the rollout expands to high density metro areas for the first time.

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Internet Australia chief executive Laurie Patton, a long-time critic of the NBN and the network’s mix of technology, much of it to be delivered on an "ageing copper network", reckons Australia is being outplayed by its global competitors who are building fibre-based systems providing speeds that “cannot be matched by FTTN”.

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The latest report on the State of the Internet by Akamai has prompted a strong statement from NBN Co, warning that the report shows again the National Broadband Network is not only critical to bridging the digital divide in Australia, but also confirms the need to complete the rollout of the network as soon as possible.

Published in Telecoms & NBN
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