Intel has launched its newest Nehalem server processors that blast past the amazing advances deliver just last year, from 9 to 1 server consolidation to a whopping 20 to 1 server consolidation capability, massively challenging the much more expensive RISC and mainframe market for a huge chunk of the business market with Intel's latest and superlative greatest! Here's my live report of the presentation...

Get set for a shortage of staff with mainframe expertise as baby boomers who cut their teeth on big iron cash in their pension cheques and head off for a life under a palm tree in the sun. The problem is that mainframe use is still growing, according to a new report.

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While the likes of VMware and others talk up the benefits of virtualisation in server consolidation, this is really old news, according to Christopher O'Malley - in fact 37 years old. That's how long ago IBM first released VM on its mainframes says the GM of the mainframe business unit of CA.

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