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Vodafone is proactively slicing the price of international mobile roaming charges, which consumer or business travellers overseas on the Vodafone network will surely love, with a special deal for China during August and the Olympics. It looks very impressive and I can’t seem to find any hidden catches, despite trying!!

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McAfee has today published the results from its 'Spammed Persistently All Month' experiment, which saw people from 10 countries surf the web unprotected for a whole month. What they encountered is disturbing to say the least...

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New Gartner report says that the number of installed PCs globally has gone past the 1 billion units figure, and is heading for 2 billion by 2014. Worryingly though, 180 million PCs will be replaced this year, 35 million in landfill with no thought for the environmental impact.

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