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According to Microsoft, Windows XP died on June 30th when it stopped sending it to the likes of Dell and HP, as well as ceasing shrink-wrapped distribution. According to Dell, new buyers can have a Windows Vista Bonus: a machine with a copy of Windows XP pre-installed instead...

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Thursday, 26 June 2008 04:47

Ubuntu MID makes Linux upwardly mobile

Ubuntu Linux owner Canonical has launched Ubuntu into the realm of mobile Internet devices with a release called Ubuntu MID. The new version of arguably the world's most popular desktop Linux distribution initially targeted the Samsung Q1U though the OS also runs on Intel's Atom-based Crown Beach development system.

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Linux is coming to an ultraportable near you! Sure, the oft-touted “year of the Linux desktop” is seen in the same light as such notable phrases like “the cheque’s in the mail”, “I’ll respect you in the morning” and “Duke Nukem Forever is being released” but there’s no denying the smash-hit success Linux is enjoying in the budget price ultraportable market. These are the Linux desktops that will catch on and here’s why.

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