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Faulty third-party battery testing software is at the root of claims that Dell is shipping a 3-cell, 24Wh battery in its Dell Mini 9 netbooks, says Dell, which claims it has always shipped a 4-cell 32Wh battery – as advertised.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2008 16:03

Windows crushing Linux in netbook market: Acer

Contrary to some recent reports, senior managers at Acer and other leading vendors have confirmed that Microsoft Windows XP now dominates the emerging sub-notebook market with more than 90% of new sales. Meanwhile, Linux, which had the netbooks market to itself until April this year, has seen its share of the space eroded to less than 10% in a breath-taking decline.

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Are you or your employees stuck in “space-constrained” offices or cubicles? Then Dell’s new “OptiPlex 160” might be the answer to a bit of extra space on your desk, although if a few inches of extra space is the difference between sanity and insanity in the office, you might have other problems.

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