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Wednesday, 04 December 2013 13:09

Mixed signals on Australia, NZ ICT jobs market

The Australian and New Zealand ICT jobs market is a mixture of good, not so good and bad. Research released today highlights a contradictory employment landscape, and prompts a warning that a lack of talent to fill specialised roles may impact Australia’s ability to maintain a globally recognised technology sector.

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013 04:38

East coast ICT contractor market ‘stabilises’

The latest contractor trends analysis from the Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association (ITCRA) shows that east coast ICT contracting conditions have now stabilised in the wake of the federal election.

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Monday, 29 April 2013 13:48

NBN delays due to 'gouging'

Major delays in the rollout of Labor's NBN are being blamed on contractors charging the federal government two and a half times the amount being passed onto sub-contractors working on the network, according to reports today.

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