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Cashback shopping platform ShopBack has introduced a ride comparison feature into its app, allowing Australians to compare prices of Uber and Ola cabs, book a ride and even get money back.

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A New Zealand-based taxi fleet owner had the brainwave to do what Aussie taxi services have failed to see: self-disruption to add a delivery service, now with massive growth and a new franchise business.

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Friday, 03 March 2017 07:42

Uber over, reviewers say

Uber, the perennial poster-child for disruption, is facing a massive backlash and downward spiral as shown by one-star reviews and social media campaigns.

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The delayed decision by the Labor government in Victoria to legalise the Uber ride-sharing service shows that every issue it considers is decided on a political basis.

Published in Open Sauce
Wednesday, 24 August 2016 06:33

Public to pay for Victoria's tardy Uber move

Victoria has imposed another tax on the public to pay for its decision to scrap all existing taxi licences as part of the move to legalise the ride-sharing service Uber.

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Taxi booking and ridesharing service, GoCatch, has caught itself a new chief executive, effective immediately, and it’s David Holmes, the former CarAdvice chief executive.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016 17:41

Cabcharge hails ACCC's ihail approval

Cabcharge has welcomed the ACCC's go-ahead for the ihail taxi-booking app, describing it as "good news for passengers and drivers."

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Taxi company Cabcharge says the ‘NSW Government taxi reforms signal recognition of the need to move to a level playing field’

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has still not finally decided whether it will authorise the smartphone taxi booking app, ihail, for use after previously indicating it intended to deny authorisation.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 13:42

GoCatch catches Diners Club as new payment option

Taxi booking disruptor GoCatch has now added Diners Club as an in-app payment option.

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As the clock ticks on the legality of ridesharing, Australian company Ticktoc has clocked in with a legal app to book hire cars and taxis ‘at competitive rates.’

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Uber has cherry picked from over 5,600 submissions to the NSW Govt Taskforce on point-to-point transport, highlighting supporters but staying silent on detractors.

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Monday, 07 September 2015 12:43

GoCatch mints new payments partnership

GoCatch and Mint Payments have announced a new payment partnership pilot in a move that has been a long time coming given competitor Ingogo’s mobile payments power.

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With 15,000 out of the 20,000 ‘new jobs’ Uber wanted to generate in Australia during 2015 already created and over one million registered riders, Uber’s jubilant.

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goCatch and EY are hailing a real corporate earner: a streamlined, corporate solution to processing taxi payments and receipt tracking for staff travel.

The Moovit local transport app is now officially serving selected Australian cities following a beta period that attracted more than 200,000 users.

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014 13:26

Uber Sydney apologises for terror price 'surge'

When Uber’s prices rose dramatically during the afternoon of Sydney’s shocking terror siege, people complained, Uber promised refunds and today it has apologised again.

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Ridesharing taxi disruptor Uber is slowly conquering the consumer market in Australia and New Zealand and it now has Cabcharge squarely in its sights, announcing Uber for Business.

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US-based ridesharing firm Uber has praised the federal government's Competition Policy Review Draft Report, describing mooted changes to remove regulations as "very encouraging."

Published in Technology Regulation
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 16:47

New Victorian taxi rules are Uber cool

Today marks a change in taxi rules for the state of Victoria, and a number of cab booking app developers have praised the changes.

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