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Instant messaging service Snapchat has started testing a feature, known as Spotlight Replies, to allow comments on the app's Spotlight feature, the company says.

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Social media platform Twitter has reported first-quarter revenue of US$1.2 billion (A$1.7 billion), up 16% year-on-year, in its first results announcement after Elon Musk's acquisition of the company.

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Aussies feel trapped by the digital economy with a new online survey finding that the majority of consumers feel they have to share personal data if they want to use digital services - but they don’t trust these organisations to protect that data.

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Tesla chief executive Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter after his offer to buy the company for US$54.20 (A$75.55) a share made on 14 April was unanimously approved by the board on Monday.

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GUEST OPINION by Geoff Schomburgk, Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at YubicoOn social media, in business and in the media, we’re increasingly hearing how companies should be protecting themselves against cyberattacks. Whilst we’re all at risk of having our credentials stolen, there are certain groups of individuals that need protecting more than others. Overseas, these include numerous organisations and individuals that are defending the freedom of the press, human rights and election security throughout many vulnerable regions where cyberattacks pose an enormous risk. In Australia, the upcoming Federal election on May 21st poses a lot of opportunities for bad state actors to interfere and spread misinformation, as has been documented by activities reported about US and UK elections. It is critical that security solutions are freely available and exist to help protect Australian electoral staff and political parties from such attacks.

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The ABC has yet to issue an explanation as to how one of its employees, news presenter Fauziah Ibrahim, came to accumulate the names of those she categorised as Labor Trolls and Lobotomised Shitheads on her Twitter account which proudly boasts an ABC News logo.

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Public Twitter lists under the names Labor Trolls and Lobotomised Shitheads have been discovered on ABC weekend news presenter Fauziah Ibrahim's account, listing a number of people who make pro-Labor comments on the social media platform.

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Tesla chief executive Elon Musk says his offer to buy Twitter for about US$43 billion (A$58 billion), and take it private, is driven by a desire for the public good.

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Thursday, 03 March 2022 21:28

Snapchat now lets you change your username

Regretting your choice of Snapchat handle? Or want to update it to reflect the current you? Well, Snapchat now allows all users across iOS and Android to change their username without any impact on the friend list, Snapcode, Snap score, memories, or other features.

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Social media giants Facebook and Snapchat reveal their data shows social media consumption is moving increasingly to highlighted content, and away from friends.

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WeChat has over 1.2 billion active users, predominantly in mainline China, but also throughout the world. The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was one of these until recently. The Prime Minister's Office began experiencing access issues before the account turned up as "Australian-Chinese New Life." Senior government politicians have accused China's government of foreign interference.

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A Brisbane lawyer has warned parents that monetising their children's appearances on social media could lead to tears.

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The Australian arm of a global initiative working to counter digital threats to democracy says the Federal Government's proposed new rules to expose online trolls will not solve the problem on online hate on social media.

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The Federal Government will put in place new rules to force technology companies to identify anonymous online trolls, or be exposed to the risk of defamation payouts.

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Social media behemoth Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced that it will shut down its face recognition system and delete more than a billion individual facial recognition templates. However, this does not mean an end to the use of the technology altogether.

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Facebook's parent company is now Meta, a Greek word for "after" or "beyond", and it is Facebook's way of redefining its future, embracing AR and VR, distancing itself from past Facebook scandals, staking a claim to be revolutionarily forward thinking, and more.

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Facebook has cited the privacy rule changes made by Apple in April for the uncertain outlook it faces in the fourth quarter, after the company released third-quarter results on Monday.

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Personal services businesses, such as hairdressers and beauty salons, in Victoria welcomed a 481 per cent increase in sales in their first weekend post-lockdown compared with the previous weekend, according to Commonwealth Bank merchant terminal data.

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The Federal Government has proposed stricter rules for social media services, data brokers and other large online platforms operating in Australia.

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GUEST RESEARCH: Hazelcast, the provider of the real-time intelligent applications platform, today released a global study revealing that 8 in 10 (79%) of retail and financial services companies globally struggle to harness real-time data and combine it with historical data to glean better insights for engaging customers, increasing revenue and boosting conversion rates, especially amid increasingly unpredictable consumer behaviour trends and a rising tide of incoming data. This compares to 65% of retail and financial services companies in Australia and just 55% in New Zealand.

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