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The shortage of semiconductors in the US will persist for at least the next two years, the chief executive of Intel says, as the company reported 13% less revenue from PCs for the first three months of 2022.

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A prominent technology analyst firm claims the global shortage of semiconductors is likely to ease significantly in the second half of this year, but cautioned that lockdowns in China could get in the way.

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The former chairman and chief executive of the globe's biggest semiconductor fab, which has had a manufacturing plant in Oregon for 25 years, has warned that it may not be possible to reproduce the success enjoyed by his company in any other country, pointing to the fact that costs are 50% higher in Oregon than in Taiwan.

Global semiconductor revenue increased by 26.3% year-on-year in 2021, the technology analyst firm Gartner says, adding that this brought the dollar figure to US$595 billion (A$802 billion).

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American semiconductor giant Intel has announced it will invest up to €80 billion (A$121.9 billion) in European Union states over the next decade, in everything from research and development to manufacturing to state-of-the art packaging technologies.

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The automotive and communications sectors are the two most likely to be hit by business disruptions due to semiconductor shortages being compounded by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the technology analyst firm Gartner says.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is expected to lead to a double-digit contraction of ICT demand in both countries, the technology analyst firm IDC says.

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South Korean giant Samsung Electronics became the globe's top vendor of semiconductors in 2021, overtaking Intel for the first time since 2018 with a 31.6% rise in revenue to US$75.9 billion (A$105.2 billion), the technology analyst firm Gartner says.

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American efforts to curb chip sales in China have not succeeded, according to an analysis of data for 2020 by the Semiconductor Industry Association, a lobby group for the US semiconductor industry.

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A partner of a venture capital firm set up by the CSIRO to help build deep tech start-ups says one of the main factors that is holding Australia back from building up a semiconductor sector is visa and travel restrictions.

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The US is considering the use of a national security law harking back to the Cold War-era to force companies that are part of the semiconductor supply chain to provide confidential data about their operations if they do not respond with answers in 45 days.

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ANALYSIS An American demand that semiconductor manufacturers provide internal information about chip inventories, orders and sales data appears to be aimed at helping Intel which has fallen well behind.

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Smartphone shipments are set to drop globally due to semiconductor shortages, with technology analyst firm Counterpoint Research forecasting that the total units shipped for the calendar year would be about 1.41 billion, an increase of 6% year-on-year.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2021 15:02

BluGlass hires US exec as president

Australian semiconductor developer BluGlass has appointed James (Jim) Haden as its president.

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The market for semiconductors is expected to grow by 17.3% year-on-year globally, against a figure of 10.8% in 2020, the technology analyst company IDC says, adding that the current shortage should be over by the middle of 2022.

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Tuesday, 03 August 2021 21:23

Revasum joins Power America Insititute

American global semiconductor equipment manufacturer Revasum has joined the PowerAmericaInstitute (PowerAmerica) to collaborate in bringing next generation silicon carbide and gallium nitride power electronics to markets faster, “reducing cost and risk factors associated with new generation technologies”.

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The existing global shortage of semiconductors is expected to last through this year and into the second quarter of the next, the technology analyst firm Gartner has said, adding that normal levels of supply would resume after that.

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Global technology provider IBM has announced it has developed the world's first two nanometer process, a first for the semiconductor industry.

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The founder of the world's biggest semiconductor fab says it may be impossible to replicate what has been done in Taiwan in other parts of the world, including the US.

The United Kingdom has announced that it is looking afresh at the proposed deal between GPU vendor NVIDIA and CPU specialist ARM, with the former to buy the latter for US$40 billion (A$51.5 billion), on the grounds of national security.

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