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Beating out the Huawei P30 Pro to now sit atop the DxOMark chart, the full DxOMark review has been published, and as you can expect, there's plenty of dispute in the article's comments, but Samsung can now claim the best smartphone cameras available.

Published in Mobility

With the biggest daily VPM or "video player measurement" audience for 2019 across Australian television, and with Foxtel's linear viewing smashing previous season openers, GOT isn't just coming but has arrived at long last. 

Published in Entertainment

Foxtel’s naked ambition has matched the reported nudity seen on the first episode of GoT season 5, with record breaking ratings for a subscription TV program.

Published in Entertainment
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 09:57

Tenants Union seeks crowdfunding for rating site

The Tenants Union of Victoria is raising funds using a crowdfunding system to build a TripAdvisor-style site for renters. The  union is using a system called Pozible to crowdfund its proposed Rate Your Rental website.

Published in Home Tech
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 10:32

Saints Row 4 still banned

Controversial upcoming video game Saints Row 4 has remained banned in Australia after a review found the game's 'drug use' was not permissible.

Published in Government Tech Policy

The Advanced Analytics module helps network owners deliver the content their viewers want.

Teenage school students are running riot on Facebook, participating in groups that crudely rate the sexual performance of various group members, with parents, schools and Facebook either unaware, unwilling or unsuccessful in taking proactive educational action.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Friday, 10 June 2011 13:10

Facebook's unsexy hot-or-not problem

Small groups of Australian Facebook users have taken to 'sex-rating' people and their sexual performances, sparking community outrage and police warnings, in what is seemingly a sad sequel to the recent Brocial Network scandal.

Published in Home Tech

Never mind an R18+ rating for computer games; the Australian Federal government has discovered it is missing out on a bonanza from mobile game stores that have not paid for classification altogether. Could this be a revenue windfall or the death of mobile gaming in Australia?

Published in Entertainment
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 17:28

Would you trust a politician over a gamer?

While there may well be politicians who are also console and PC gamers, there's one politician in Australia who has already gone down as THE most anti-gamer politician in the history of the entire planet, right in the midst of the greatest gaming revolution the world has ever seen.
Published in Fuzzy Logic




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