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GUEST OPINION: There is no typical day or start to a new role for a Chief Technology Officer when dealing with the goals and technological needs of a business. Primarily, CTOs are hired to decrease ongoing spending, analyse market trends and forecast profits; they help the business attain and retain a competitive edge, and stay technologically sustainable.

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Buzz Aldrin once pointed to today's mobile phones as one of the technologies delivered by space race, but there are plenty more globally pressing problems that can be solved using space data and capabilities.

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OPINION: An article that claims there's a big problem with the new iPhone has itself a big problem, simply because it claims there being no 5G version of the iPhone itself yet, is some kind of actual, real world problem - and it's not even the real issue!

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After two class-action lawsuits in the US have targeted Apple's flat, butterfly keyboards on portable Macs from 2015 onwards, the company has finally recognised the issue and has launched a keyboard service program.

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When new phones launch, there’s always intrigue as to what problems will emerge, be it Samsung, Apple, Google or anyone else.

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Top Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott says the ongoing problems with the recently released Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book equate to Microsoft’s Surfacegate.

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The launch of Foxtel’s iQ3 should have been a televisual set-top blockbuster of epic proportions, yet it’s a game of moans for frustrated customers.

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Thursday, 04 November 2010 11:03

New MacBook Airs have new iProblems?

Whenever Apple seems to launch new products, reports of problems and issues for some users seem inevitable iCompanions, from claims of faulty logic boards, kernel panics and display problems over at Apple's Support forums.

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