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LG has studied the "symptoms and effects of drained battery power on smartphone owners" and has dubbed this "harmful condition" as "battery anxiety".

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Prysmian says its ‘P-Laser 525 kV is the first fully recyclable environmentally friendly HVDC cable’ offering ‘increased power transmission capacity and lower system costs by more than 10%’

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A new start up wants to help African nations ‘catch up with the connectivity levels of the rest of the world’, and with help from Indiegogo backers wants to make it happen!

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Thursday, 11 February 2016 10:40

Redflow prepares for residential battery release

Brisbane-based battery producer Redflow is set to launch its residential energy storage offering in late March following completion of a successful end user trial in Africa.

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Apple has long stated Safari is more power efficient than Chrome or Firefox, and now a third-party external battery maker for Macs confirms it.

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LifeProof has released its latest waterproof iPhone 6 case, now with a built-in 2600-mAh battery that delivers double the battery life.

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While Sydney has endured wind, rain and power outages, so too has the NSW Central Coast, with many areas bereft of power and Internet, both wired and wireless.

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Tech giant Hewlett-Packard is recalling millions of laptop power cords that could pose fire and burn hazards, including some sold in Australia.

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The global demand for efficient ‘multi-fuel’ electricity generation has brought together some of the world’s leading computer scientists in an R&D effort aimed at creating systems to connect and manage electricity and natural gas supplies on a shared platform.

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Energy management solutions provider Schneider Electric, has launched its Power Outage Insight Solution (POI) in the Australian market.

A New Zealand-based company claims it will revolutionalise how we purchase electricity, with Powershop now opening up down under.

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Practical, affordable and long life fuel cells have been hyped up every now and then over the years, but have never been delivered – until now, with a new power system able to recharge an iPhone 4 up to 14 times before its inexpensive fuel cell needs replacing.

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Apple has proposed the construction of a major fuel cell project at its North Carolina data centre.

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Cadac Organice and Microsoft SharePoint support ABB in managing documents and in collaboration with project partners.

XPAL, the company behind the popular 'Powerskin' line of smartphone battery-and-case in one, as well as Energizer's popular Energi to Go range, has announced an innovative 'spare' mobile phone with a truly astounding battery life of up to 15 whopping years - while powered by a single AA battery.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2011 14:00

Eaton promotes Jenman to MD

Eaton has appointed Richard Jenman as managing director of its electrical business in Australia and New Zealand.

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Monday, 03 October 2011 13:41

NBN may reduce need for new power plants

With the internet data per user growing at 40% a year, the power needed to support that growth is also growing. So do we need new power stations to support future broadband use? The NBN and Moore's Law may save us, according to the head of an Australian telecoms research program.

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It has been said that when an online service is free of charge, 'you' are the product that is being sold, so with social networking now 'legitimised' even further by Google+, no-one should be nonplussed about the ongoing privacy implications.

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As Australia readies itself for the imposition of a Carbon tax and renewed calls ring out from Bob Brown and the Greens to shut down all of Australia's coal fired power stations, the question remains as to whether the Greens vision of Australia going 100% renewable energy by 2020 is actually feasible or just a dewy-eyed impossible dream.

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