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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has concluded a review of its main science programme, Catalyst, and is considering the recommendations that have been put forward.

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Thursday, 01 September 2016 09:09

Wi-Fi stuff-up: ABC alters online transcripts again

The ABC has been caught out once again altering its online transcripts after it was reported to have omitted necessary details.

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The episode of the ABC's main science programme Catalyst screened on Tuesday night (23 August) on Alzheimer's disease gave no credit to reporter Dr Maryanne Demasi, despite including interviews she had done, reliable sources have told iTWire.

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The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association appears not to be letting up in what seems to be a campaign to push its position that there are no adverse health effects from mobile use.

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Supporters of the ABC's science programme Catalyst and reporter Dr Maryanne Demasi have launched a petition in a bid to get the ban on the Wi-Fried episode lifted and the reporter returned to normal duties.

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Certain controversial statements made by the ABC's Media Watch host Paul Barry on Monday were missing from the transcript initially due to a "technical issue" with the corporation's website, the ABC's media manager Nick Leys told iTWire on Wednesday.

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The ABC ran a segment on Lateline in 2009 which was similar to the Catalyst episode "Wi-Fried" but did not encounter anything like the ruckus which the latter has.

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The ABC appears to be willing to hang its science reporter Dr Maryanne Demasi out to dry, following the retraction of an episode of its Catalyst programme, on the alleged link between Wi-Fi and cancer, which was aired in February.

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