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Wednesday, 24 July 2019 15:28

Parallels Toolbox plays new tricks

The latest version of Parallels Toolbox features new and improved functions.

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Romanian security company Bitdefender has signed an agreement with Microsoft, whereby the latter will use its technology to provide security for endpoints in organisations that use mac OS and Linux.

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In 1975, forty-one years ago, micro computing seriously started with an acronym – CP/M (control program for microcomputers), followed by the Apple DOS in 1978, and then MS-DOS in 1980.

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The urgent advice out there today is to update Flash, because it is constantly being hacked, but you’re better off deleting it - while still enjoying all the Flash you want - and keeping your Mac and PC fully updated at all times.

Published in Fuzzy Logic

Apple’s OS programmers are moving quickly to new versions, with the first betas for all of Apple’s major operating system updates having arrived.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015 13:32

Amazon joins email market with WorkMail

Amazon has further broadened its AWS portfolio with the addition of a hosted, Exchange-like email service.

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Sunday, 04 December 2011 13:03

Samsung Galaxy case begins to unravel for Apple

Not long after losing an Australian Federal Court injunction case against Samsung to prevent sales of the iPad 2 lookalike Galaxy tablets, Apple has lost a similar injunction bid in the US. Appeals to higher courts notwithstanding, Apple's court cases could turn around and deliver a vicious bite to its backside.

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With 94% or almost 635m new PCs shipped by the end of 2011 to come with Windows 7, and on 42% of all PCs in total, Microsoft's Vista replacement is slowly but surely making its way up the charts, as Apple posts small gains and Linux based operating systems remain 'niche'.

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Thursday, 21 April 2011 11:40

Mac power demands better management

In a clear signal that the Mac OS has become important to enterprise class users, power management specialist Verdiem this week announced its latest product release would monitor and manage Mac power consumption - with forecasts of up to 30 per cent savings on electricity bills.

Monday, 25 October 2010 17:08

Windows 8: coming late 2012 - and 2011!

The news is out that a blog post on Microsoft's Dutch subsidiary says it will take another two years to get Windows 8 on the market, but that's for the boxed, retail version, as betas have to come out first, and we should see those from 2011!

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Nearly a quarter of a billion Windows 7 licenses have sold over the last twelve months since the OS became officially available, or more than 7.6 copies sold every single second.

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Wondershare has announced Wondershare YouTube Converter for Mac, the powerful Mac YouTube Converter, Helps Mac users to download and convert YouTube HD video on Mac laptop and desktop computer.

Intuitive new utilities take guesswork out of converting DVDs and multimedia video files into iPad-compatible formats.

Doremisoft has announced Doremisoft Mac Video to Flash Converter 1.0, the Flash FLV and SWF creator, which can assist mac users to create flash video by converting video to Flash video format (FLV or SWF) on mac.




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