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GUEST OPINION: Growing patient expectations are placing higher demands on the healthcare sector than ever before. The instant availability of patient data means X-Rays, MRI scans, ultrasound images and laboratory test results are sent directly to monitors on the wall or a doctor’s tablet.

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GUEST OPINION by Mark Weaser, Vice President, APAC, OutSystems:  Customer experience (CX) has quickly become a top business priority as more of us interact and transact online. However, CX transformation initiatives are rare in the healthcare sector, despite the increasing adoption and use of virtual care visits. While you might feel satisfied with your healthcare provider in person, the industry has a prominent delivery gap. Only 34 percent of consumers feel that they get the information they need and 56 percent don’t think they get the same quality of care in virtual settings as compared to an in-person visit[1].

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GUEST OPINION by Derek Cowan, Head of Systems Engineering – ANZ at Cohesity: Throughout the world, the volume of electronic data being generated everyday continues to soar. From online shopping and financial transactions to web searches and social media, the activities of humans produce data in quantities once unimaginable.

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