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If you have a Facebook account and have had one for a few years, chances are high that your phone number and other user data has been leaked to the Internet.

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Cybersecurity researchers have discovered hundreds of thousands of leaked streaming service accounts, with damages estimated to have reached $38M. NordVPN has some advice on how to stop this from happening, and what to do to keep your accounts safe.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021 22:21

ASIC sic'd by sickening cyber security incident

On the 25th of January, ten days after ASIC became aware of a cyber security incident affecting a server used by ASIC, the world was notified of the ASIC hack attack.

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Barnes & Noble, the biggest retail bookseller in the US, appears to have been hit by a cyber attack and been forced to take down parts of its network.

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Fertility business Monash IVF Group has had its internal email servers hacked, but has not made any public announcement about it yet.

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Quora, a site that hosts questions and answers posed and responded to by everyday people, has reported a major security breach.

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There are some similarities between the two Australian companies whose defences were breached recently: human resources outfit PageUp People and e-conveyancing platform PEXA.

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McDonald's, which has made the move to Twitter recently, has found that there is a downside to the platform, with its feed being hacked on Thursday US time.

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The Singapore Ministry of Defence was hacked in February and the personal information of about 850 servicemen and employees stolen.

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The cyber security company Trend Micro has some egg on its face after one of its websites, which is used to provide cyber security news to the public, was hacked and fake articles placed.

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An attacker has leaked the details of more than 35,000 patients of Health Solutions, a diagnostic laboratory based in the Mumbai suburb of Parel.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 11:21

Ransomware attacker has his email hacked

An attacker who hit the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency with a ransomware attack last week appears to have been dealt a dose of his own medicine.

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Friday, 18 November 2016 15:56

3 Mobile UK hacked – six million users at risk

Six million users may be at risk after a legitimate employee login, and password was used to access its customer upgrade database.

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Friday, 07 October 2016 07:40

Optus Mobile – not hacked

The Sydney Daily Telegraph reported a hack on Optus Mobile yesterday, allegedly enabling hackers to take over control of at least 170 users phones to steal data and send unsolicited messages to random numbers.

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Sunday, 22 November 2015 16:29

Linux Australia suffers another data leak

Linux Australia has suffered a second leak of data from its servers, according to a message sent to its main mailing list by president Joshua Hesketh.

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Aussie Farmers Direct – a home delivery grocery service – has had personal details of 5,149 of its customers posted online after it failed to meet ransom demands.

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TalkTalk, a UK broadband, mobile and pay TV provider was again hacked on 21 October – a week later its customer details are being sold on the dark web for £1.65.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015 10:25

One in four internet users hacked

New research by Kaspersky Labs shows that 25% of all internet users had their accounts hacked.

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A hacker conference in Hamburg this month will see a presentation demonstrating how the world’s mobile phone networks, whether they run on 3G or advanced 4G technologies, can be hacked and spied upon.

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Online daily dealing shopping site catchoftheday.com.au has written to its customers to advise them that some of their details may have been compromised ... three years ago.

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